Libra Monthly Horoscope

lust & love

May brings you emotionally out of your beloved rest. Tensive stars cause doubts and conflicts in couples. Velvet gloves and understanding are necessary. Mars suggests that conflicts are best resolved in bed. Even singles feel the cosmic vortex. You don't feel like adventure and dating stress now. Calm blood, from 21.5. are you in flirting luck again?

Career & Finance

Not entirely without, your career stars: competitive wrangling in the team causes stress and loss of time in May. In discussions and all financial transactions, facts count, not emotions. Diplomacy and wise waiting will get you more than full attack now. With serenity and calm you will get ahead in May. Sometimes it pays to sit out conflicts. From 21.5. things are going better, problems can be solved.

Health & Fitness

Your confident nature is particularly in demand in May. Your energy level is rather lukewarm. That's why it's your mental strength that helps you to cope with everyday life. You need an extra portion of care, lots of sleep and a break from everyday life. Meditation, yoga and moments of relaxation, perhaps on a Pentecost holiday, have a positive effect on your health.
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