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Aries weekly horoscope

The last few weeks may have had you - uncharacteristically - biting your tongue and laying low, at least in terms of your opinions. You needed this time to speculate. To percolate. To reflect. Friday brings along a particularly potent energy for dreams, insights, and intuitions. Pay close attention, honey. The Universe is trying to get an important message across to you. With this information, you’ll be able to spring into action, ready to express and manifest your biggest and brightest ideas. You’re more than ready to let go of whatever needs to be let go of so that you can initiate a whole new chapter, baby.

Taurus weekly horoscope

Oh, darling. As much as you might want to throw all caution to the wind and run recklessly for the hills, it’s a better idea to hold your (wild) horses and stay calm. Sure, you’re going to be chomping at the bit, but it won’t last long before this storm passes, and you’ll see sense again. Saturday is the crux moment, so dig those heels in and restrain the urge to lose all decorum. Sure, you may not agree with the direction your professional world is taking. You may even be downright infuriated at the situation. And yet, the advice remains the same. Be still. Breath.

Gemini weekly horoscope

Mercury, your ruler, is busy this week. He first visits Neptune on Friday, initiating all kinds of beautifully imaginative dreams, visions, and ideas in the realm of your profession. No matter what it is that you ‘do’, you’ll be able to apply broad thinking, not to mention inspiration and creativity to the process. Go, you. See the world through those rose-colored glasses. Embrace the irrational for a change. The planet of communication then shifts into your goals sector from Saturday, illuminating all kinds of exciting new ideas and directions for you. Go on and initiate those hopes, those dreams. There’s very little standing in your way right now.

Cancer weekly horoscope

The New Moon on Sunday is deep. It’s spiritual. It’s opening up a whole new chapter of personal growth for you. It’s going to take you on a powerful journey in the months to come, so get ready. This may be a journey of the soul. Or, it’s a physical journey, such as traveling to a new country, for example. Or, it’s a combination of the two, where, for example, you’re heading off to enjoy a yoga teacher training course, or deciding to undertake breathwork training if you’re so inclined. Whatever it is that you decide to do, know that it’ll be expansive for your soul.

Leo weekly horoscope

It’s going to be an emotional week, sweetheart, so make sure that you have a box of tissues ready. The tears are good. They’re needed. They're necessary. They’re there to provoke change and open your heart. They're there to show you just how beautiful and vulnerable you are. They're there to break down your walls and open your soul up. The next few months see you experiencing some potentially enormous changes, whether in your relationships or to do with your business and material world. Whichever it is, the most important lesson for you right now is to trust and allow all things to unfold.

Virgo weekly horoscope

Pay attention to what your intuition is telling you on Friday. Be mindful of what others are attempting to put across, too. Walk that fine line between taking in the advice and guidance from the people you love and trust, whilst still leaning into your own instincts. If you’re hoping for a new beginning in your relationships or other partnerships, then rest assured that your yearning looks like it’s about to come true under the light of the magical New Moon on Sunday. This is a powerful and important cosmic marker of change. That soulmate may even be on their way, darling. Get excited.

Libra weekly horoscope

It’s time to dance to a new tune. To change your routine to something that’s a little more nurturing, a little more nourishing for that tender body and soul of yours. Have you been putting a touch too much pressure on? Have you piled your plate a bit high? The Universe is reminding you- gently - that you deserve joy in even the most mundane of tasks. That you deserve space to rest, to replenish, to imagine. This energy swoops in on Friday, culminating on Sunday. Imagine your perfect day. Now, make it happen. Don’t be afraid to draw some boundaries. The chances are very high that they’re long overdue, anyway.

Scorpio weekly horoscope

Love makes the world go around. It’s what inspires poets, artists, and dreamers to create their very best work. No one is immune to love. Find it within yourself to open your heart a little more this week, honey. Friday’s imaginative, sweet energy prepares you. Sunday's New Moon opens the doors for a fresh chapter. This love doesn't have to be necessarily romantic. It can be the love of a child. The love of a friend. The love for the work you do. The passion you have for your profession. The point is to open your arms wide and embrace it all. Leap right in. Forget about head first. This is heart-first stuff, baby.

Sagittarius weekly horoscope

Being someone who doesn't much like routine, Saturday’s energy may make you feel very tempted indeed to throw all routines, all projects, all tasks to the wind and make a break for freedom. Oh, but do be careful of galloping off into the distance, darling. It looks like it may just backfire on you. If there’s an agreement, a contract, or a negotiation that needs to happen, see if you can put it off. For now, at least. You’re in a more reckless space than usual, as you’ve probably surmised. You may end up saying far more than you should, or even saying things that you know you shouldn’t. Keep those luscious lips zipped.

Capricorn weekly horoscope

The part of you that’s the mystic, that’s the creative, is yearning to be expressed this week. Friday onwards sees you in a particularly imaginative space. It behooves you to take some time off to daydream. To dig out your tarot cards and enjoy your intuition. To stare at nature and get inspired. To talk to a spiritual advisor. This prepares you perfectly for Saturday's New Moon, happening in this same sector. If you lay your foundations wisely, you’ll find that the next several months unfold in the most magical, unexpected way for you. New horizons are opening themselves up. Go ahead and follow the call of your soul, baby.

Aquarius weekly horoscope

The wild energy generated by Mars and Uranus on Saturday is bound to have you acting out the Rebel Archetype so well-known to your sign. But, honey, even if it feels good to kick back against everyone and everything, does this really serve you? Or are you just kicking back because you think you should, or because you can? Don’t burn those bridges, darling. Don’t destroy the foundations you’ve worked so hard to build. It’s truly not worth the monetary thrill. Recklessness doesn’t become you, baby. Set yourself free, sure, but do it in a way that doesn't have to be a drama or instigate chaos that you can't actually manage.

Pisces weekly horoscope

The New Moon on Sunday has your name written all over it, babe. It’s the only one you’ll get this year, so best you make the most of it. It’s one that’s all about you, and you alone. It’s about taking your life in a new direction. It's about walking your unique path. What is it that you wish to put in motion now? What new ideas, skills, and talents are you inspired by? Make these happen. The cosmic doors are opening for you. All you have to do is notice the signs, have faith, and take action.

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