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Aries weekly horoscope

Yikes. This week is nothing short of intense and will deal with your relationships, what with the clash of your ruler, Mars, to extremist Pluto on Sunday. How can you make best use of this alignment? Well, for starters, keep a good lookout for those who seem to want to bully others into submission. There’s nothing you dislike more than witnessing the underdog getting trampled upon - and yes, that may mean you. But, it’s more likely going to happen to someone you care about - someone who perhaps doesn't have the same ability to assert themselves as you do. Time to step into hero mode? Yes, absolutely. Go on and wear that cape. It suits you.

Taurus weekly horoscope

At long last, your ruler, Venus, is finally ready to move on. She’s been dallying in your domestic sector for what seems like eons. Which, to be honest, hasn’t necessarily been a negative thing. In fact, you may now have stronger, more loving and deeper bonds than ever with your loved ones - be they family, roommates, parents, or partners (or even your furry buddy). Yet, you’ve had to pass a trial by fire. And you’re more than ready to let go of the drama. From Sunday onwards, there's a veritable buffet available of sensual delights, delicious flirtations, and creative inspiration. Your attention to detail is likely to be exquisite. Make the most of it.

Gemini weekly horoscope

Finally, it’s time to dust yourself off from family responsibilities and embrace play, fun, pleasure, and maybe even a touch of romance. You see, your ruler, Mercury, is shifting from productive to creative on Wednesday. Yet, before he does so, there are a few things to take care of, namely any outstanding conversations that need to be had or insights to be more deeply understood. The one thing you have on your side that works for you is complete transparency and honesty. Whilst it’s ever so tempting to tell a white lie - perhaps to protect someone you care about - it’s more important to be real. To get deep. Make this your modus operandi.

Cancer weekly horoscope

Do not, whatever you do, allow yourself to be pushed around this week. With the connection of Mars to Pluto across some important sectors on Sunday (such as relationships, as well as family), it’s easy to miss the manipulations of others. You may realize how you’ve been bullied once you're in a situation that you can't seem to get out of. Nip this in the bud by being sure to stand up for yourself. Have your own back, no matter how tricky things get. Sure, you’re not a major fan of confrontation, but sometimes, that’s the only route available. Fortunately, communication does seem to be on your side from Wednesday onwards, making it that much easier to find a win-win solution.

Leo weekly horoscope

Wave goodbye to Venus, darling. She's been ever so good to you, and it’s fitting that you give her a good sendoff. Because by Sunday, she’s gone off into your values sector, until she visits again next year. So, from Monday to Sunday, have fun. Get that haircut. Go shopping. Flirt. Give love. Receive love. Express your affectionate side. Enjoy the attention you’re still getting. Use this momentum to continue the delicious path of building your self-worth and confidence. If you do this, by Sunday, you’ll be more than ready to relinquish indulgent pleasure and embrace responsibility, order, and productivity. This is the natural flow of things - don’t resist it, babes.

Virgo weekly horoscope

Get ready for the most pleasurable part of the year to kick off. Why? Well, Venus, planet of all things delicious and delightful, visits your sign from Sunday onwards. This is the time when you’ll feel your most beautiful, your most loving, your most affectionate - and your most sensual. Yummy! Is there any price tag to this cosmic gift? Yes, just one. Be mindful that you’re not ‘out there’ searching for love and validation. Make sure you’re loving hard on yourself. Be good to you. The longest relaiotnship you will ever have is the one with yourself. So, nurture it.

Libra weekly horoscope

Looking back, the last few weeks have likely been quite the social whirlwind for you, right? There's likely been plenty of ups and downs, dramas, tiffs, old friends coming back into your orbit, and some leaving. Maybe there’s even been some dancing, some playing, some romance - if you’re lucky. But, now's the time to wind it all down and have a rest. Venus, your ruler, finally changes signs on Sunday to hang up those fabulous party shoes and spend some valuable time on self-love. To give yourself joy or pleasure in whatever way that looks and feels for you. Remember to say what you mean and mean what you say, as Venus will be in your spiritual sector. From Wednesday onwards, with Mercury moving into your own sign, that will come much, much more easily.

Scorpio weekly horoscope

Your two ancient planetary rulers - Mars and Pluto - are going head to head on Sunday in a square between your spiritual and communication sectors. You can taste the simmering tensions in the air. You can almost touch the drama, it's so tangible. Yet, do you have to engage? Not at all. The essence of astrology is knowing a thing, and then having the power to make a conscious choice about it. That's where your power lies, darling. So, if you find yourself locked into a disagreement, a manipulation, a triggering situation - disengage. Notice all the ways in which your subconscious wants to jump into the fray and make a different choice.

Sagittarius weekly horoscope

There’s a slippery moment at the start of the week on Monday, with Mercury opposing Neptune in your career and foundations sector. You may be very much doubting someone’s word. Honesty is a big deal to you, so when you experience deception, regardless of the intention behind it, you tend to come down rather hard on the source. Yet, before you lose your cool, do your utmost to see the issue from as many different angles as possible. Things will start to become clear from Tuesday onwards, with Mercury making a connection to Pluto in your values sector. You’ll be able to hold a deep and truthful conversation - albeit intense. Important decisions need to be made when it comes to your material world. Be sure that you’re making the ones that empower you.

Capricorn weekly horoscope

The cosmic weather this week is intense, and you seem to be in the very eye of the storm. That’s not to necessarily say that you’re going to be the calm and collected one. In fact, you may find yourself in quite a triggering situation, particularly when it comes to your professional path. The thing is, you’ve got to get quite real with yourself here. Are you perhaps refusing to budge on something? Afraid to lose power, perhaps? When threatened, it's natural for our survival response to kick in. But, do you need to fight so hard? The power of negotiation is on your side from Wednesday onwards, with Mercury’s movement into your career sector. Sure, the heat gets turned up again on Sunday, with Venus in your knowledge and adventure zone, but, with the right words and with a neutral approach, you’ll find a win-win solution.

Aquarius weekly horoscope

As a fixed air sign, you do tend to be, well, somewhat opinionated at times. You get a certain idea in your head, and there it sticks. Yet, from Wednesday onwards, you’ll be able to take a much more neutral, balanced approach with Mercury’s movement into your wisdom sector. Being able to see things from all angles serves you well, especially in light of some of the tricker alignments from Sunday onwards. This is when the Universe tests you. This is when she throws you with a challenge - one that you perhaps never anticipated - that pushes all of your subconscious buttons. Stay cool. Stay calm. This is how you keep your power.

Pisces weekly horoscope

On Sunday, Venus shifts into your relationship sector. This is a happy harbinger for all of your connections, inviting the opportunity to relate in a more grounded way to others. Sure, there’s a touch of criticism. Sure, there are high standards. But we need those, right? Especially you, as you're the type to accept everyone wholeheartedly - no questions asked. Yet, that lands you in trouble more often than you’d care to admit, no? You, of all people, need those standards. They keep you safe. In the same breath, don't allow yourself to be criticized unless it’s done in a way that’s kind, constructive, and helpful.

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