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Aries Monthly Horoscope

In your partnership, cohesion grows, the lucky planet Jupiter and the messenger of love Venus revive your relationship. Even if you and your partner don't always agree: love is great. As a single you are in demand, and until 18.7. on the trail of love. Flirts and dating are worthwhile, a summer love affair quickly turns into more.

Taurus Monthly Horoscope

Mars makes you sexy, sensual and adventurous. As a single you are in the mood for conquests and from 17.7. hard to hold. Spontaneous adventures are possible, your joie de vivre has a magnetic effect on your fans. Tauruses in a relationship ensure that their summer nights get pretty hot. You score as an imaginative lover and are also a practical and reliable partner.

Gemini Monthly Horoscope

Until 18.7. Singles are in high demand and can easily meet new people. Venus offers sparkling influences. If you are actively searching, you can expect more from fate! Couples value warmth and generosity in their relationship. They enjoy life and celebrate love and sex more intensely.

Cancer Monthly Horoscope

Her stars offer plenty of charisma and beautiful encounters that evolve as desired. Of course singles are happy. Couples also feel these pleasant vibes, which ensure more harmony in the relationship. Now everything just fits. The mental match and the erotic attraction are great.

Leo Monthly Horoscope

Lucky planet Jupiter makes you more optimistic and confident as a single. With these great vibes you are magnetically attracted to nice people. The next time you flirt, your heart will warm up. In couples, the big line is right, but Mars and Saturn spark in between from time to time. With more imagination, romance and tenderness, however, you can quickly clear up misunderstandings. From 19.7. create new closeness, especially in deep conversations.

Virgo Monthly Horoscope

Venus and Mars are contradictory, tensions are possible. You have your particular ideas about justice, which are being discussed more often now. Sometimes you quarrel, only to fall into each other's arms again in love. As a single you enjoy your freedom and at the same time long for closeness and tenderness. Your fans need patience. From 19.7. you know what you want, the harmony returns.

Libra Monthly Horoscope

They're just in a good mood and have a lot of self-confidence. As a single you appear very attractive. Venus makes it easy for you to find sexy hookups. Libras in a relationship are also tingling, they feel strongly attracted to their partner. But the chemistry is not only right in bed, everyday life together is also lively and makes you happy.

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

When it comes to singles, it gets blazing hot in the middle of summer. Her stars make her a favorite for sexy flirts and great love. From 19.7. they are in league with Cupid and find a particularly tingling connection. Couples experience a romantic phase in which tenderness and mutual pampering run naturally.

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope

In July you don't want to make any compromises as a single person. Nevertheless, you flirt skilfully and land a few hits online and live. But you still hold on to your heart. Couples need more fine-tuning and tend to 7/18. to foreign flirting. After that, Mercury encourages good conversations, and the relationship soon becomes more harmonious again.

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope

An ibex can quickly develop into a pack animal, but then it becomes somewhat barren and serious, which in no way contributes to a good mood. July is there to discuss, even what has been planned and promised. A lot of things now need to be thought through and changed again. A good gut feeling counts in July. In August the ibex finally venture into the uncontrolled land of great emotions. Being professionally brave is not a challenge for her, being emotionally brave is even more so. And that's exactly what it's about now - with a lot of palpitations.

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

The first stage of the Saturnian test period is over. Important questions of life in relation to the future, community and concentration on the essentials were the main components of this phase. Now there is time for normal life again, the family, the partner. Important decisions or new plans are secondary in July. They only come in August and not alone, but at least in pairs. Summer feels more free all round. In addition, new perspectives open up. A month in top form with lots of humor and liveliness.

Pisces Monthly Horoscope

Until 18.7. flirt aggressively as a single and have fun turning the heads of several fans. From 19.7. Venus has an intense effect: you fall in love with skin and hair. Are you in a relationship? Until 18.7. normal madness is the order of the day in your relationship. From 19.7. you can take a seat on the pink cloud. You and your partner get along splendidly and create new closeness.

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