Aquarius Monthly Horoscope

lust & love

The big line is right. Singles in May know exactly what they expect from a partner and what they are willing to give themselves. Until 7.5. the chances of flirting are particularly high. For couples, the stars provide a lot of action and lustful eroticism. Hot fantasies and the joy of experimenting are currently the order of the day. But it doesn't just work in bed, joint projects also thrive.

Career & Finance

The stars give you a big plus, especially when it comes to creativity. Designers and artists are on a high as Venus improves to 7.5. the sense of the zeitgeist. However, you need more patience and valid arguments in contract negotiations. Mercury runs across and shows that it is important to plan wisely and realistically, especially when it comes to money issues.

Health & Fitness

Conflicting stars make you feel different every day. Your nerves are quickly on edge. But a few minutes later everything is fine again. Venus and Jupiter awaken your interest in care, wellness and indulgence. You will start your sports workload from 21.5. down because Mars lowers your energy level. Gentle exercise is better for you. When in doubt, leave it out. Now it's about listening to yourself and giving yourself what you need right now.
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