Cancer Monthly Horoscope

lust & love

Venus tickles your soft side. In a relationship you are cuddly, romantic and loving. Your partner will be happy to accommodate you. Imagination is the order of the day, dull everyday relationships don't stand a chance. As a single you are in high demand. They know how to present themselves attractively and sexy. They want to get to know you. Dating is worth it, sympathy can turn into love.

Career & Finance

Until 23.9. it is important to be very careful when planning your finances, because Mercury and Jupiter run at right angles. It is important to control your own expenses and pay attention to good prices. At work, your creative skills will bring you special praise. You will cleverly integrate innovative concepts and everything to do with IT into your everyday work.

Health & Fitness

Your desire for top sporting performance is limited in September. Instead, it is becoming increasingly important to you to consciously enjoy life. Creative hobbies as well as art and culture are good for your soul and ensure a good phase in terms of wellbeing. Another bonus: you sleep very well.
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