Aries Monthly Horoscope

lust & love

In your partnership, cohesion grows, the lucky planet Jupiter and the messenger of love Venus revive your relationship. Even if you and your partner don't always agree: love is great. As a single you are in demand, and until 18.7. on the trail of love. Flirts and dating are worthwhile, a summer love affair quickly turns into more.

Career & Finance

This can be a great month for you financially. From 19.7. Mercury and Jupiter form a successful duo that will help you secure advantages in business negotiations. Your benefit in July is your great eloquence. You find it easy to assert your ideas and use social media for your purposes.

Health & Fitness

You've found a good rhythm. Jupiter gives you a strong intuition and the necessary know-how for a healthy lifestyle. You take time for breaks and retreat. But it is also your positive attitude to life and your fiery temperament that make you blossom. They have bite, feel good and are mentally balanced.
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