Virgo - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

8.23 - 9.22

The people born in the Virgo are influenced by the planet Mercury, that is, it is about critical and reasonable individuals who are very practical. They love order and punctuality, and hate sloppiness and disorder. They are driven by an addiction to knowledge. They like to dedicate small things so that they lose a distance. On the other hand, they have a good ability to differentiate between the unnecessary and the necessary. They adore money in themselves.
One of their weaknesses is little perseverance: instead of overcoming some obstacles, they prefer to change direction. Selfishness of the virgins is very typical and yet they seem modest at the beginning, they are very well aware of its value.
In relationships they are interested in other people and they want to reveal their secrets. They do so out of curiosity. Those born in this sign express themselves reluctantly and without passion, almost cool.
They are not always independent at work, they often need clear requirements, but they meet them on time and precisely. They are reliable and responsible workers. You suspect that nobody does the job better. Intellectually oriented activities or working in nature is the best choice for the virgins.
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