Scorpio - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

10.24 - 11.22

The characteristic feature of the scorpion is the effort to get to the bottom of things. It is about the earth element under the ruler Mars, and the clear contrasts can be seen with him. A scorpion can be a philanthropic person, another a murderer. From an early age, they require greater attention and careful treatment.
You have strong will, but it is important to focus on it positively, not negatively. These births often know very well what they can expect from life and act confidently. They know how to make the right decision quickly, and they are persistent. They seem to be calm on the surface, but inside they hide the right spark and passion without limit. You are daring and diplomatic.
Your greatest weakness is vengefulness. You don't forget any betrayal. They wait for a cheap while and then they can act really cruel and numb. The scorpion shows a tendency towards laziness, pride and jealousy. As for love, the scorpion is very erotically oriented.
The scorpion has good perception and quick understanding. He often works as a natural scientist, doctor or writer.
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