Sagittarius - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

11.23 - 12.21

The planet Jupiter rules the Sagittarius and it is more of a calmer nature, which tends to theological, scientific and theoretical considerations. They love independence, but they never break the rules and limits. As optimists, they act with certainty and carelessness. This optimistic position often guarantees the shooter future success. The shooters believe in authority, are not too critical and love justice.
They love good food, drink, nature and are good athletes. They know how to make decisions quickly and make clear demands. They are not afraid of danger, are confident, ambitious and efficient. They are based on feeling rather than reason, which is not always a good decision, but they can win over and take advantage of other people's plans.
Their weakness could be moody. They can easily hurt people because they always hit the mark. Her impulsiveness often causes failure because it leads to some wrongdoings.
Protection works most often as a lawyer or priest, because of the sense of justice. They practice their work as a sport, just for fun. So you work tirelessly and energetically. They fit well for any profession with a lot of freedom.
The shooters have so far found little luck in relationships. They spontaneously marry on emotional grounds and then regret their decision. As for loyalty, they are reliable, but it depends on their partners.
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