Aries - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

3.21 - 4.19

This born of the fire element is characterized by an internal and external force. Its planet Mars symbolizes self-confidence, spontaneity and struggle. He is a fighter who always acts with honor and perseverance. He allows his action to be open, but he does not like the unresolved opportunities.
His inner calm and self-confidence overcomes every obstacle and every worry. He is powerful and stands firmly behind himself. He acts intuitively and upside down. That seems rude, but in fact the ram is looking for frankness and simplicity.
The weak side of this zodiac sign is persistence, the ram is rarely willing to compromise. It is not difficult to argue with Aries, which sometimes leads to an aggressive act. The inability to match can cause problems both in relationships and at work.
The ram loves strenuous challenges in his career. He cannot stand an average job. You prefer to do it yourself and set up your own ideas and plans. Such an action is not always rated positively. The ram then suffers from the lack of respect on the part of its employees. We find this zodiac sign most often in marketing, in sports or in the company. Incidentally, it is not easy to categorize the ram.
Both women and men are very romantic in relationships. For men it takes a long time to settle down and they are often undecided in choosing a partner. This can cause them to miss “the right woman”. Women also need someone who will regulate them. Above all, both genders need respect from the partner's side.
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