Leo - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

7.23 - 8.22

The sun is the ruler of this zodiac sign and that is why the lion belongs to the fire element. The sun in particular gives the lion a lot of creativity and some skills of a real leader. The lions are creators of great plans and ideas, which unfortunately are not always feasible. They are generous and are driven by an addiction to evaluation and importance. They love wealth and money that guarantee them freedom and independence. They are both good friends and open-hearted critics.
Because of their self-confidence and ambitions, they are looking to be the center of attention. And for that they need a suitable company. Otherwise they remain standing apart. Thanks to their goal awareness, perseverance and quick decision-making ability, they have success in life. They enjoy good health and remain immune to external influences.
Dominance is their greatest weakness, which harms the lions' neighbors. Generous at times, uncompromising at other times.
In their careers they are ideal for high positions and for the company. They owe this to their perseverance and determination. They do not like to be subordinated, which is why the lower positions are not favorable for them.
In the relationship, the lions show their strengths and weaknesses, which they do not tame. Her addiction to pleasure leads to variability and unfaithfulness.

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