Cancer - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

6.22 - 7.22

The moon is the ruler of this water element. His births are very emotionally inclined and have an extraordinary sense of family and home. Most often it is not about fighters or men of action. They are also not suitable in the managerial positions because they are rather dreamy, sentimental and impetuously fantasizing. They feel comfortable in their family and friends, but they hold back in public.
The people born in this zodiac are willing to make sacrifices and they help their neighbors at every opportunity. Thanks to their tendency to be comfortable, they do not work with great enthusiasm, but they compensate for this with good memory and quick comprehension. They are reluctant to abandon their plans and they are trying unscrupulously to achieve them. They avoid all disputes and unpleasant situations, which leads to the postponement of the duties.
We count to their weaknesses unstability and constant unrest. Cancer rarely endures activity and opinion. It motivates him to do so. That has to do with his moodiness. They often suffer from impatience, which leads to an act of despair.
The capriciousness of cancer makes love and marriage difficult. You can not even rely on their loyalty, because they express a strong affection for every sympathetic person.
The instability also manifests itself in the job. You need good motivation and enthusiasm in the beginning. But soon she starts to get bored and they are looking for another one that fulfills her. A free employment relationship is the best choice.
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