Libra - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

9.23 - 10.23

The people born in this zodiac sign rule the planet Venus, which also causes their sensitive disposition. They are intellectually predisposed and long for experiences. They enjoy the joy of life and are enthusiastic about everything beautiful. They have a predisposition to art and love for art as well. They love jewelry, fashion suits, entertainment, music, dancing and money. Money because they can treat themselves to anything longing thanks to this. Its characteristic features include truthfulness, honesty and a sense of justice. Most of the time it's about personable, kind, good and affable people. They follow their dreamlike ideals and try to apply them in their lifestyle. An ambitious and a bit selfish individual is not surprised by a compliment.
Their weaknesses include hypersensitivity, inclination to impatience and they are carefree and reckless, also when it comes to money. Often they give preference to feelings and reason recedes.
Thanks to their good-naturedness they make many friends, they are a human role model for other people. But to withstand the difficulties is exhausting for them, so they need a partner with whom everything is possible Beautiful and evil shares. Marriage and community play a big role in their lives, despite all the possible complications.
They are suitable for any profession in which you work with people. The artwork or the trade is an ideal choice for the scales. Career failure can be caused by her carelessness and also because she is subject to external influences
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