Capricornus - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

12.22 - 1.19

The parallel to a real ibex seems to be very correct. The ibex is a mountain climber who moves on the peaks of the icebergs. The nature of these people is very similar to him. They feel very lonely and their worldview is very realistic and material. They often treat themselves in their own favor.
Capricorns are practical, reserved, thorough, persistent and serious. You know: you can't do without work and effort. They have a sense of duty and they are willing to work and they have a very strong will. They often seem serious, reflective but at the same time ambitious, patient and above all incorruptible. Your life is very simple and introverted. They make decisions slowly, thereby trying to collect all the necessary information.
Avariciousness is their greatest weakness, which grows to a huge extent. If they too have a lot of money, they'd rather die of hunger than waste the money. It's about an extreme case. They work on time and are ruthless towards other people because they only see everything from their perspective. Their health is not on firm ground, they are often sick.
If you want to be successful and powerful, you have to work hard. That is their motto. Then you earn. Their ambition is great, and must bear fruit - both money and honor.
In love they burn on ideals, which, however, are one-sided. But they are faithful, although their marriage can be unhappy by reason. The disappointment and arguments accompany her love life, which later leads to bitterness
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