Gemini - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

5.21 - 6.21

People born under the sign of the twins are interested in learning new things. That is why they seem to have a broad general overview, but their knowledge is rather superficial. They feel like getting to know each other and when they find something worth seeing, they concentrate on it. You see a sense in things that no one else finds. Nobody can advise them against doing research. They question objections, but their own opinion is essential to them. By the way, they don't impose their ideas on anyone. They make an uninvolved impression, but they feel consumed inside.
They often suffer from loneliness when they feel pushed aside. But it's easy to get in touch with people. They have good memories about their experiences and experiences. Thanks to their dialectical ability and cheerful disposition, they represent unpleasant opponents in competition. Freedom in action and movement is the most important for them and they also offer this to others. They only arise in hopeless situations.
When it comes to verbal competition, the twins are masters. But they always avoid the other types of disputes. They are not ashamed to adorn themselves with strange feathers and to resort to defamation.
Their weak side is immaturity and distraction, their opinions are fluctuating. You cannot argue, you can only make statements, yet you require that they have been listened to by other people. They suffer from large deviations - e.g. B. with a good star constellation they have the best results, with an unfavorable one they suffer from the feeling of inferiority.
They are relatively unsuitable partners in the relationship. They do not direct their feelings in depth, but in the vastness. It is not a problem for them to maintain some relationships at the same time. That is why they are tolerant towards their partners. They need a lot of freedom and they also offer it to their partner.
When choosing a career, their inconsistency and superficiality have a clear effect. That is why they do not choose the professions that require concentration and excessive effort
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