Pisces - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

2.19 - 3.20

The planets Jupiter and Neptune rule this water element. They are undecided and it would be good to take care of their early upbringing. They are friendly, very sensitive, purposeful and have a real sense of justice. However, they often live in an unreal world, which happens thanks to their imaginative imagination. They are interested in everything, so they seem to be curious. They are rich in energy and you can find them restless.
We count minor determination to their weaknesses. They are often subject to spiritual contrition, sometimes they are broken, which later leads to life's failure. They can control their emotions, they appear insecure, and if they fail, they feel uncomfortable. They are pessimistic about things and rarely are they satisfied with a result. Their versatility enables them to do whatever they want to do. They see this factuality as failure and are subject to the feeling of inferiority.
Their sense of friendship is so generous that they prefer to sacrifice themselves for friends. They almost consider their neighbor's problems to be their own. In marriage they are dissatisfied and unreliable because they are always looking for something better
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