Taurus - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

4.20 - 5.20

The planet Venus rules the bull, which is characterized by beauty and charm. The bull very often has a materialistic nature and only concentrates on the practical. On the other hand, the bulls are sensitive and subject to these feelings. Their perseverance with which they pursue their goals is typical. The people born in this earth symbol were born in spring and therefore they love nature and art. In these areas they can satisfy their curiosity and addiction to experiences. They devote a lot of energy to this passion. At first glance, they appear to be little open-minded and inaccessible, but they are able to fully enjoy their lives.
They have a well-developed sense of reality and are often suspicious of news. They are principled and if they find a thing useful they are ready to try to make it happen. This factuality aptly shows another characteristic of the bulls: a sense of purpose. It's about honorable, ambitious people who want to excel above average. Those born in bull are obedient, they have a well-developed sense of duty. They suffer from gluttony, which can lead to a more massive figure.
Their sense of honor can be their weakness, because it is far too easy to insult them. Because of their tenacity, it is impossible to change their minds or to forgive them. Your tendency to be comfortable and calm comes close to being lazy. However, persistence is the weakest and most dangerous side of the bull. It has to do with a sense of purpose and ambition. Sometimes it goes so far that the most serious objections and reasons do not persuade the bull to distract him from his plan. The bull then behaves essentially inconsiderate and unfeeling.
The bulls are hard-working and easy in their careers, addiction to money drives them to peak performance. Their sense of purpose and their competitive spirit guarantee them a high wage. They therefore choose a profession in which they can apply tenacity and perseverance. You like to work in a calm atmosphere. They prefer a motionless and mentally effortless job.
In the relationship, the bull demands sensitive and loving treatment from the partner and loves flattery. He is reliable, but sometimes he tends to be unfaithful because of his lustfulness. He marries too spontaneously. The trust and the solid environment is very important for the bull
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