Aquarius - Zodiac Sign Dates & Traits

1.20 - 2.18

Those in Aquarius rule Saturn and Uranus, which is why these people are so flexible, elastic and understandable. They are a bit peculiar by nature. They are serious and social, witty is an event of their mood and they are able to put the spot on themselves. Together with these qualities, they are also thoughtful, thoughtful, they know well and they don't let themselves be cheated. They crave to be independent and sometimes it leads to less self-confidence.
They crave their own way, which distinguishes them from other people. Most of these born are free-spirited, headstrong, but sometimes they subdue the sympathy of others. Her punctuality and generosity leads to her willingness to help, but in a reserved manner. They also understand other people's intellectual lives and they are also endowed with extraordinary intellectual qualities.
To their weaknesses we count that they have many good ideas, but thanks to their inconsistency they cannot realize them. From this perspective, this occurrence seems unpredictable, but sudden changes are very well thought out due to their smaller impulsiveness. They are often subject to depression for no reason and they also remain very indecisive and unpunctual and so they often miss good opportunities.
Thanks to their activity, they win many friendly spouses and always make new and new acquaintances. Their friendships are very important to them, but they never lose their individuality. They are very good and reliable partners in marriage.
Aquarians do not love the laborious work, but they are successful in their work thanks to their great efficiency. They need and they often have the support of their friends.
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