Sagittarius 2023 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2023 Sagittarius
Are you dissatisfied with the past year? Stop brooding, because there is no need. Over the past twelve months, the desire to go your own way has motivated Sagittarius to venture into unknown territory and undertake big things – often something that he or she had never dared to do before. If this didn't work out right away, it will be by spring 2023 at the latest. Now comes the time for second chances, a real new beginning. It may be that those who spread optimism doubt their own autonomous course from time to time because it is initially noticeable through a lack of closeness and a lack of sensual warmth. But this phase will pass. Hold on!
The most important thing for Sagittarius 2023: the balance between freedom and security
Sagittarius always feels a natural urge for personal growth, small and humble only works well in the short term. Against boredom and equanimity, Sagittarius therefore needs challenges and space. So the year starts on a new pasture of options. Professional matters, further training, stays abroad, trips to unfamiliar places: Bring on the good life, even on your own. Sagittarius still needs the emotional go and unconditional yes of the soulmate and expects mutual loyalty and unconditional support in order to be able to develop further. Since last summer, the thirst for knowledge has hardly been quenched, at the same time Schützen is also realizing what is missing and what has been learned has been lost. You are in demand and feel that you are being checked out until March - but in a good and supportive way. A rapid communicative and controversial phase accompanies you until May. An optimal time to finally become self-employed, to push dormant and postponed projects and also to bring them to an end. But as long as there is no meaning in doing, the shooters have no fire in their souls. Do you feel what the stars want from you? Yes, of course you feel it.
The yearly horoscope 2023 has a thirst for adventure and togetherness in store for Sagittarians
After April, it becomes emotionally warmer and more sensual. A beautiful maturation process sets in, which lets you land gently on the ground of reality. You realize what really matters to you. Common plans come to the fore again, the private sphere becomes more important. In the summer, the fireborns have to demand the necessary freedom to live out everything that feels particularly attractive as a couple: surfing in the Atlantic, canoe tours through the jungle or tango in Argentina. You decide! They need something extra, something special and to strengthen their shared spirit of adventure. A lot of what will take place in 2023 has a great connection to the outside world. From autumn and into winter, Sagittarians finally come to devote themselves to their own inner being, to everything that strengthens their own health and means healing. You will leave a happy 2023 behind you radiant and fulfilled. That's a nice prospect, isn't it?
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