Libra 2023 Horoscope

The great annual horoscope 2023 Libra
If you put your hand on your heart, you will feel it immediately: Right at the beginning of the new year, Libra will feel very clearly what is now a thing of the past. Do it, right now. Yes, right now. Hand on heart, inhale and exhale deeply. And? Friendships and love affairs that are not really based on solid and free foundations now very rigorously and definitively end what otherwise strives for harmony. The New Year needs freshness and liveliness, and Libra loves to be faced with new challenges. And to face it yourself. In 2022 there was already ample opportunity to try something new, but perhaps there was a lack of time, courage or dedication. Libra finally allows himself to go it alone, even enjoys it and, at least for a short time, ignores what others say or think about it or how they (not) cope with the courageous steps of the Venus-born. Harmony and disharmony are one. Libra now allows more that would have been unthinkable some time ago.
Libra will be curious and eager to discover in 2023
Interesting new encounters awaken the joy of discovery and curiosity. And by May, Libra will be banging on open doors to do what she's always wanted to do. Instead of the flag of peace, she now carries the flag of freedom and takes it upon herself to turn her life upside down and end what no longer corresponds to her own aesthetics and justice. She forgets her own internal security officers and no longer leaves personal well-being to others. Otherwise more concerned with reflecting the outside, self-rotations now take place, which throw out a lot of things that had been lost in terms of one's own talents and desires.
Annual horoscope 2023: Libra is carried full of good feelings into winter
Summer will be shrill, sxalted and glamorous, some colorful past personalities cross paths, seducing, seducing and making Libra flourish. The new circle of friends may have shrunk a bit. It's good for you that you no longer have to be able to communicate with everyone. But those friendships that have survived the last two and a half years are for eternity. From autumn onwards, the airborne glide wonderfully enriched into quieter atmospheres. Pumped full of good feelings that carry you into the winter. Now it also becomes more harmonious and equanimous. The months of March to June require special attention. During this period, Libra needs a comprehensive exchange with visionary people in order to get involved and contribute to what promises hope and perspective. As beautiful as some hedonistic summer phases may be, they will not completely satisfy the initiative signs. In 2023, Libra needs utopias and people who want to join in because they are interested in the future. Keep an eye out for free spirits who will give you new input. You don't need what you already know, just something extraordinary, great and exciting to come up with new ideas.
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