Cancer 2023 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2023 Cancer
Autonomy and commitment are, at least until May, the main themes for Cancer. Of course, these two focal points contradict each other, which makes it so exciting and grinds your personality, which has not yet experienced an update into the now. That doesn't sound all that friendly and benevolent. But it just means that you've probably had to deal with the old and the unfinished until now. One after the other.
In 2023, autonomy will become increasingly important for Cancer
In Cancer, autonomy is usually associated with turning away due to emotional overload. Or it is the result of previous limitlessness. But just do something exclusively for yourself? This is rather difficult for the lunar temperaments. Cancer is a cardinal sign. That means it initiates. First and foremost, feelings and emotions: qualities that are becoming increasingly important in a world like ours. In order to add that pinch of holism to the spiritual head world, so that life remains humanly touchable.
The first half of the year brings with it an enormous spirit of optimism. You get a glimpse of what the new world might look like. The new world after epochal change. Cancer needs the right place in the midst of this. However, you will not find this by simply participating or letting it happen, but only if you actively search for it and make autonomous decisions that suit you. A powerful start that requires a lot of courage, needs brilliant ideas, must not result in brooding or long reflection, but rather a pointed speed.
The zodiac sign Cancer relies on gut feeling and intuition in 2023
The right gut impulses come strong and unmistakable in March , April and May. Krebs already knows whether this is about romantic matters of the heart or finding a new career. That was already indicated from May to October of last year. If that time was accompanied by a lot of resistance and a certain listlessness, it's finally time for a liberation. And that is usually uncomfortable, both for you and for your loved ones. Cancer now takes full responsibility for its own well-being, frees itself from burdensome dependencies that stand in the way of its own autonomy, and becomes committed and consistent with everything that gives its own future something dazzling and positive.
From May, the emotional one changes Feeling temperature to warm and cuddly. Nevertheless, she lacks too much and kitschy worries. That disappears noisily from your life. A whole new self-confidence is established, cancer dares to say no in order to give the yes to all those who really resonate. In summer, Cancers recapture everything that they have recently neglected: sexiness, eros, passion and creativity. Are you looking forward to it? Should you. It's going to be really, really good.
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