Gemini 2023 Horoscope

The great annual horoscope 2023 Gemini
The new year is called the Martian year. And although this planet is not the one that represents the airy sign, it does play an important role for Gemini. Because since August 2022, Planet Mars, which stands for assertiveness, eroticism, conflict and activity, among other things, has been a guest of the Gemini sign and ignites a lot that annoys or overwhelms. But also what drives and is fun. Mars energy can become a pain in the neck when we want to lie comfortably on the couch. Leave it alone, it won't work anyway, then relax. Make the most of this restlessness: Geminis actually love versatility, flexibility and everything that arouses curiosity. Use this period to hunt for whatever awakens vibrancy in every cell of your body until Spring 2023 begins. In one word: sex. Now is the right time to embark on exciting adventures without much strife. You should only make sure that all the cards are on the table and everyone knows where he or she is. Play fair, even when the opposite is far more tempting. Dishonest things come back like a boomerang. And above all, hurt yourself. Your pace could overwhelm some. Especially in summer, the erotic events are overwhelming. The past and the present collide, the outcome is uncertain.
For Gemini, in 2023 everything will be where it was always supposed to be
Since the end of October last year, it has been a matter of sorting out everyday things that have been started and forgotten. Nagging conflicts that caused many misunderstandings had to be resolved completely. But now everything is really where it should be.
Annual horoscope 2023: Gemini completely trust their intuition
From mid-January, Gemini need a clear focus on what keeps their own life whirlpool running. Make sure you have a good mix of compulsory and voluntary work, but never lose focus on your ideas for the future. 2023 clearly shows in the first half of the year which paths are now the right ones. Trust your intuition. Now you can finally pull out of your desk drawer that list that you have been secretly preparing with loving dedication for a long time. All your plans are written on it, the big ones, but also the small ones. And no: none of them is too small and too banal. Sometimes it helps immensely to just clean up the basement or take the used glass to the container than to try to save the whole world at once. That's why Geminis move a bit calmer, a bit more relaxed, a bit more routine from autumn onwards. Then you are happy to take the easy way and enjoy the fact that there is not always something calling, wanting to be done, having to be negotiated or clamoring for the forty-second discussion. Prepare yourself mentally: you will learn a lot about yourself and your ego this year. Not only beautiful, but also a lot that expands your mind. Appreciate this learning. You will still benefit.
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