Pisces 2023 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2023 Pisces
What a year you have behind you! Can you take it all in? Have you already sorted it out in your head or are you still trying to find the right categories and labels for the experience? The long stay of the planet Neptune has led to permeability and sensitivity in Pisces. In these times one loses oneself in order to find oneself again, follows one's dreams, one loses oneself there too. Disorientation and the feeling of weakness alternate with strong phases of dream realization and heavenly feel-good times. The last year was characterized by strong Jupiter times, which are commonly interpreted as luck. They have danced in upward spirals and indulged in fantasies of a better self.
For Pisces, 2023: Everything will be fine in the end
In 2023, planet Saturn will now begin its journey into Pisces. Saturn is wrongly regarded as the zodiac's spoilsport. Astrology and its planetary symbolism always carries light and shadow, we are woven into great energetic forces that ultimately always make sense. So don't worry too much. This time, too, everything will be fine in the end. And if it's not good, it's not the end yet. Saturn also represents concentration. He is a terrestrial planet belonging to the earth element that materializes and manifests. Not only the soil of reality belongs to Saturn, but also the treasures that this soil holds. Saturn phases therefore often have to do with the culmination of previous efforts. With responsibility and maturity. And last but not least, with exams to grow on your own heroic journey. The Pisces-born, who like to live in their own worlds and design them as imaginatively and colorfully as possible, are confronted by Saturn with facts and realities in the short term, which then become exhausting if everything that did not fit into their own fantasy structure was previously hidden.
2023 Pisces rescued themselves
As of March, fish will sense which oceanic depths and slippery niches are initially no longer so accessible. A juicy reality check that Pisces can use to tidy up their own lives and draw firmer outlines of their own personality again. You can free yourself from bad dependency patterns, finally do what you really want according to plan, and trim and trim everything frayed like too much like any algae braids, so that you find the order that gives you support and stability. Make yourself comfortable, because Saturn is staying for two and a half years. It's a time of reflection and endurance testing, but one that gives you the discipline you need to get off the net. Fish will save themselves in 2023. And it's continuing. Mildness mixes into this ripening phase from May onwards. Action is supported by a warm emotional consistency that is fed by touch and less by unreached longing. Fish see clearly. And end mergers that are no longer up-to-date. Everything has and had its time.
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