Capricorn 2023 Horoscope

The great annual horoscope 2023 Capricorn
Since 2008, planet Pluto, the cosmic symbol for transformation, crisis, collapse and new beginnings, has been with Capricorn. The last two years have been exhausting. Worst-case scenarios flashed up all the time, Capricorn was confronted with deep-seated fears, their own control mechanisms and the gift of perseverance. Not only once did the zodiac sign want to give up everything. Now the time has finally come. But nothing is thrown away here, but let go confidently. To do this, you must allow dynamics and trust the universe. Also, stop fighting and defending yourself against everything. And also to force and manipulate. The good things will happen all by themselves. Yes, it is difficult to accept that. Especially in turbulent times that fuel the desire for predictability and an overview. Allow it within the scope of your possibilities.
2023 Capricorn finally learns to let go and to trust
The year begins intensively and passionately on a partnership level, can also be accompanied by a radical insight and a termination to make room for the big release. Complicated and complex things are now drifting into the space of the past. From March, Capricorns will finally free themselves from old power structures, from pressure and from crisis mode. You have probably achieved a lot in recent years, but now you are more interested in the questions: What for and at what price? The only Capricorns who will continue to deal with pressure and transformation are those born at the very end of the sign. Resilience has now had its day as a guide to one's own worth. The proud Capricorns, who like to hide behind a facade of untouchability, who follow through with discipline what they once set out to do, can finally learn to relax and trust again in 2023. From May the cosmic climate changes, one's own life experiences a phase of softness and sensuality. And Capricorn blossoms. After breaks and hurting times, solidarity and team spirit are now coming back. You are not alone - even if it has felt that way for a long time. It will do the tithes and responsible of the zodiac incredibly well to work less than usual in 2023. To turn to leisure and all that really fulfills it.
The yearly horoscope 2023 promises sensual adventures for Capricorn
Take care of yourself fully and now all about your health, but above all about your own desire and joie de vivre. Yes, that also includes everything sensual. Your sex life will sparkle in all colors. From May and throughout the summer, there are an incredible number of opportunities to do so. The encounters mean nothing but fun and finally don't require a large-scale therapeutic effort. Allow yourself to be who you actually are after the long dry spells: free, authentic and wild. And stop trying to control everything down to the smallest detail. The universe has a good plan.
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