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Aries 2023 Horoscope

The great annual horoscope 2023 Aries Have you ever asked yourself: Where does the new come from when everything seems to have been there before? Aries are among the pioneers of the zodiac. And have the strongest impulse power. This gives the sign of the zodiac the gift of leaving situations and circumstances in good time that make no further development possible. And with that, the big bow to this extraordinary year is drawn: 2023 is called the Martian year, that planetary symbol belongs to the sign of Aries. Now, what already sparked enthusiasm in 2022 is anchored. Aries finally see their big plans come true in the months leading up to June. Planet Jupiter is in your own sign. With him, growth and further development are at the top of the fire scale of one's own willpower. But in the midst of a world change, the tools of growth in the sense of increase and material expansion are no longer effective. This experience was booked in 2022. There were probably goals that required effort and speed but fizzled into no man's land just as quickly. Aries needs loving acceptance of self in 2023 Right at the start of the year, Aries is waiting at the starting line to try again or continue for what the own conviction is now mature. Courageous action interspersed with traces of doubt. Transforming one's own weakness into a strength sometimes poses a big question mark for the makers of the cosmic circle. Strong friendships bring enlightening insight in 2023, relentless conversations open up new space to show yourself. A small planetoid named Chiron is now circling in Aries to critically examine old patterns of going it alone. To accompany old beliefs and declarations of war with a soft focus into the new phase of cooperation. In the past, not being able to do something may have been the driver to try anyway. Now it needs more loving acceptance for oneself. Annual horoscope 2023: Aries sets the course for the next few years March is a crucial turning point for Aries to no longer overlook what hurts. Whether on a physical, mental or spiritual level. We are one, this separation within the human trinity existed only in a world that was primarily about achievement and victories, defeats and struggle. Now the signs are pointing to cohesion, and Aries are in demand as pioneers. With all her courage, the unshakable humor that encourages provocation and rebellion. They accompany everything that really wants to become new. From June, the pace can be slowed down, pleasure sets in, love and passion become more present. You can look forward to it: You will rock the hot summer time with everything that is available. After all, you gave a lot in the first half of the year and can now take your time and see how things develop on their own. And be very proud of yourself at the same time. 2023 is a crucial year for the following ones to be really good. Now set the course!

Taurus 2023 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2023 Taurus Since 2018, Uranus has been roaming about the otherwise quiet pasture of the sign of Taurus, causing unrest. Last year, the tension between tearing down fences and emigrating or showing even more resistance and building walls was particularly great. But there is also something in between. Admittedly, with Uranus as a guest, the symbol of reform, overthrow, rebellion, renewal and distance, those of the zodiac who represent more protection, nurturing and preservation are particularly challenged. And maybe just within the epochal change, the fast digitization and the unpredictable, became the only energy that maintained composure and conveyed security, in the midst of many question marks popping up. 2023 Taurus wants to make the world a place that grants protection If old systems and hierarchies collapse, one can either leave the field or cultivate it anew. And that's exactly what 2023 is all about. One's own concept of security was called into question, one's own immobility became apparent. Habit patterns and attachments to people and things no longer conducive to development were evident. What remains is an essence of courage and courage, casual coolness and the desire to contribute to making this world a place that offers protection to all those who may need it. Uranus confronts the sudden, Saturn demands strength of character and straightforwardness. In short: resilience. In 2023, the sphere of life for Taurus no longer revolves around all of this. During the first half of the year, the generally laid-back are held at a pace that might surprise even them and encourage activities that Taurus wouldn't otherwise even consider. If you are in a fixed work structure that promises few development opportunities, you could now become a reformer yourself in order to change this. Annual horoscope 2023: In the spring, Taurus will start enjoying and trusting again Accept what is, is difficult in the first months of the year. For everyone born at the beginning of the sign, it is important to be particularly careful and attentive to your own actions, lifestyle and available resources in the month of March. In that month, the growing pressure shows very clearly what now needs to be finished so that things can continue well. In the spring, Fortuna pours out the cornucopia over the heads of the earth sign for a long time. And Taurus comes back to taking and accepting, to enjoying and trusting. From May they need more time and leisure, they need the lush meadows and space. It is no longer so important whether it is your own. Personal values and property claims have changed. So strong that you sometimes become strangers to yourself. But from the summer onwards, the earthly ones will get back in touch with their own cozy sensuality, live it out, become erotic and take everything with them that promises pleasure. Autumn and winter serve to integrate everything that has happened so far. Your dreams may be a little slimmed down in 2023, but that makes them all the more achievable.

Gemini 2023 Horoscope

The great annual horoscope 2023 Gemini The new year is called the Martian year. And although this planet is not the one that represents the airy sign, it does play an important role for Gemini. Because since August 2022, Planet Mars, which stands for assertiveness, eroticism, conflict and activity, among other things, has been a guest of the Gemini sign and ignites a lot that annoys or overwhelms. But also what drives and is fun. Mars energy can become a pain in the neck when we want to lie comfortably on the couch. Leave it alone, it won't work anyway, then relax. Make the most of this restlessness: Geminis actually love versatility, flexibility and everything that arouses curiosity. Use this period to hunt for whatever awakens vibrancy in every cell of your body until Spring 2023 begins. In one word: sex. Now is the right time to embark on exciting adventures without much strife. You should only make sure that all the cards are on the table and everyone knows where he or she is. Play fair, even when the opposite is far more tempting. Dishonest things come back like a boomerang. And above all, hurt yourself. Your pace could overwhelm some. Especially in summer, the erotic events are overwhelming. The past and the present collide, the outcome is uncertain. For Gemini, in 2023 everything will be where it was always supposed to be Since the end of October last year, it has been a matter of sorting out everyday things that have been started and forgotten. Nagging conflicts that caused many misunderstandings had to be resolved completely. But now everything is really where it should be. Annual horoscope 2023: Gemini completely trust their intuition From mid-January, Gemini need a clear focus on what keeps their own life whirlpool running. Make sure you have a good mix of compulsory and voluntary work, but never lose focus on your ideas for the future. 2023 clearly shows in the first half of the year which paths are now the right ones. Trust your intuition. Now you can finally pull out of your desk drawer that list that you have been secretly preparing with loving dedication for a long time. All your plans are written on it, the big ones, but also the small ones. And no: none of them is too small and too banal. Sometimes it helps immensely to just clean up the basement or take the used glass to the container than to try to save the whole world at once. That's why Geminis move a bit calmer, a bit more relaxed, a bit more routine from autumn onwards. Then you are happy to take the easy way and enjoy the fact that there is not always something calling, wanting to be done, having to be negotiated or clamoring for the forty-second discussion. Prepare yourself mentally: you will learn a lot about yourself and your ego this year. Not only beautiful, but also a lot that expands your mind. Appreciate this learning. You will still benefit.

Cancer 2023 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2023 Cancer Autonomy and commitment are, at least until May, the main themes for Cancer. Of course, these two focal points contradict each other, which makes it so exciting and grinds your personality, which has not yet experienced an update into the now. That doesn't sound all that friendly and benevolent. But it just means that you've probably had to deal with the old and the unfinished until now. One after the other. In 2023, autonomy will become increasingly important for Cancer In Cancer, autonomy is usually associated with turning away due to emotional overload. Or it is the result of previous limitlessness. But just do something exclusively for yourself? This is rather difficult for the lunar temperaments. Cancer is a cardinal sign. That means it initiates. First and foremost, feelings and emotions: qualities that are becoming increasingly important in a world like ours. In order to add that pinch of holism to the spiritual head world, so that life remains humanly touchable. The first half of the year brings with it an enormous spirit of optimism. You get a glimpse of what the new world might look like. The new world after epochal change. Cancer needs the right place in the midst of this. However, you will not find this by simply participating or letting it happen, but only if you actively search for it and make autonomous decisions that suit you. A powerful start that requires a lot of courage, needs brilliant ideas, must not result in brooding or long reflection, but rather a pointed speed. The zodiac sign Cancer relies on gut feeling and intuition in 2023 The right gut impulses come strong and unmistakable in March , April and May. Krebs already knows whether this is about romantic matters of the heart or finding a new career. That was already indicated from May to October of last year. If that time was accompanied by a lot of resistance and a certain listlessness, it's finally time for a liberation. And that is usually uncomfortable, both for you and for your loved ones. Cancer now takes full responsibility for its own well-being, frees itself from burdensome dependencies that stand in the way of its own autonomy, and becomes committed and consistent with everything that gives its own future something dazzling and positive. From May, the emotional one changes Feeling temperature to warm and cuddly. Nevertheless, she lacks too much and kitschy worries. That disappears noisily from your life. A whole new self-confidence is established, cancer dares to say no in order to give the yes to all those who really resonate. In summer, Cancers recapture everything that they have recently neglected: sexiness, eros, passion and creativity. Are you looking forward to it? Should you. It's going to be really, really good.

Leo 2023 Horoscope

The great annual horoscope 2023 Leo Last year extensive renovation work was carried out in your kingdom. One strong challenge followed the next, lions questioned more than usual, turned teamwork upside down and offended. Followed the intuition that came along contrary to reality. What a year! It is therefore all the more understandable that you are gliding into the year 2023 on a cloud of hope. Your own resilience has reached its limits, and it is now important to respect them and at the same time not to be too careful. For Fireborns, doing something within the defined security field offers nothing that awakens their inner motivation. The pleasure principle is your own strongest power. In 2023, the zodiac sign Leo focuses on risk instead of boredom In the first months of the new year you shake off what put you under pressure to perform, reprogram yourself so that the experimental can become bigger again. Don't kid yourself, it's going to be quite a hassle. And not always fun. But you are now declaring war on boredom. The bore-out has been approaching for a long time, and for some it has already arrived. Stop it. No more duties that have become tiresome and routine for you. Now is the moment to cut all the ties that are just holding you back. Who get tangled up in the undergrowth and have long been useless. Not even for decoration. In the first half of the year, Leo quickly leaves unsatisfying jobs with little scope and human connections without potential. You certainly don't lack courage, you love taking risks. In summer you go all out in love. Creative playgrounds are everywhere, it becomes rather difficult to decide which is the most colorful. Leo leaving the straight line, 2022 has taught them that cycles make up life. The last moons were accompanied by a crucial test between Uranus and Saturn. Graduation exams that make you feel particularly difficult and old, or master tough challenges that give you even more backbone and strength of character. Saturn confronts you with finitude and will therefore no longer accompany you in 2023. While Uranus remains! The yearly horoscope 2023 knows: Leos learn to love being alone But back to the renovation work: Life is change, but it doesn't have to become a permanent construction site. Uranus means suddenness, the abolition of the plannable, the absolutely unpredictable and at the same time the rebellion and necessity of reforms. Hand on heart: Of course, this sometimes feels strange and strange, but also exciting and surprising. Nevertheless, extremes and anything fatalistic should be avoided in 2023. They need, especially from September, breaks without an audience. Take a rest! You will learn the important difference between being alone and loneliness. Just being with yourself is getting sweet and creative for the first time in a long time. Really enjoy the hours, days, weekends without others. It's going to be wonderful.

Virgo 2023 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2023 Virgo Basic exaggeration is not part of the zodiac description of the forward-looking earth signs, but the past year was a wonderful invitation. Recurring transits of Jupiter tempted Virgos to come closer to their own dreams, to do something they had previously not dared to do, or to optimize themselves to the max. Hopefully you have noticed for yourself how exhausting it is and how little you feel better in the end. This spirit and intuition have been constant companions, and now, arrived in 2023, Virgos are finally taking seriously what is really close to their hearts. Virgo gets to experiment in 2023 Now it's less about doing justice to everything and everyone or to do everything right. Instead, you can experiment. The cosmic building blocks of reason, utility and caution are no longer the foundation. Virgos want to know what lies behind their own reservations. Now don't look like this: Yes, you are meant! After all, without a real willingness to take risks, there is no new chapter in one's life and therefore no further development. 2023 Virgo is encouraged to break new ground In fact, Virgos, who otherwise often give the impression of always having everything under control, can getting bogged down in 2023, especially in spring. You may overshoot your goals or lose focus. It almost seems as if you are looking for daring undertakings in order to get to know yourself better. This is not an evaluation, but an encouragement to break new ground and leave old paths. In any case, rituals and habits are not on the wish list. Virgo dares and thus gains a lot of new experiences. Things will calm down from May, and some things that have become lopsided will be straightened out again. The summer of 2023 will be sparkling for Virgo In the summer, Virgos could rattle into competing topics. However, this only happens in an overloaded state, in very hard work with little fun. The coming summer could be mega sparkling. And recharge your inner spirit with a lively lust for life and eros. Hurry, summer is short and extra hot! As long as you constantly follow the demands of the outside straight as a die, it is not possible to find out what pace suits you well. In 2023, the other tidyers and sorters of the zodiac allow themselves more uncomfortable paths, draw circles, although lines are in demand. Only to then, like a wave, clean up all the chaos again. You can't find an explanation for these new idiosyncrasies, but you like the fact that they make life more exciting again. Fall feels wonderfully liberated and fresh, and Virgos take great pride in themselves and their actions. Yes, there were also a few critical moments. But doing nothing and leaving everything as is is simply not an option in 2023. You already knew that, didn't you? Go ahead, the stars agree with your feeling.

Libra 2023 Horoscope

The great annual horoscope 2023 Libra If you put your hand on your heart, you will feel it immediately: Right at the beginning of the new year, Libra will feel very clearly what is now a thing of the past. Do it, right now. Yes, right now. Hand on heart, inhale and exhale deeply. And? Friendships and love affairs that are not really based on solid and free foundations now very rigorously and definitively end what otherwise strives for harmony. The New Year needs freshness and liveliness, and Libra loves to be faced with new challenges. And to face it yourself. In 2022 there was already ample opportunity to try something new, but perhaps there was a lack of time, courage or dedication. Libra finally allows himself to go it alone, even enjoys it and, at least for a short time, ignores what others say or think about it or how they (not) cope with the courageous steps of the Venus-born. Harmony and disharmony are one. Libra now allows more that would have been unthinkable some time ago. Libra will be curious and eager to discover in 2023 Interesting new encounters awaken the joy of discovery and curiosity. And by May, Libra will be banging on open doors to do what she's always wanted to do. Instead of the flag of peace, she now carries the flag of freedom and takes it upon herself to turn her life upside down and end what no longer corresponds to her own aesthetics and justice. She forgets her own internal security officers and no longer leaves personal well-being to others. Otherwise more concerned with reflecting the outside, self-rotations now take place, which throw out a lot of things that had been lost in terms of one's own talents and desires. Annual horoscope 2023: Libra is carried full of good feelings into winter Summer will be shrill, sxalted and glamorous, some colorful past personalities cross paths, seducing, seducing and making Libra flourish. The new circle of friends may have shrunk a bit. It's good for you that you no longer have to be able to communicate with everyone. But those friendships that have survived the last two and a half years are for eternity. From autumn onwards, the airborne glide wonderfully enriched into quieter atmospheres. Pumped full of good feelings that carry you into the winter. Now it also becomes more harmonious and equanimous. The months of March to June require special attention. During this period, Libra needs a comprehensive exchange with visionary people in order to get involved and contribute to what promises hope and perspective. As beautiful as some hedonistic summer phases may be, they will not completely satisfy the initiative signs. In 2023, Libra needs utopias and people who want to join in because they are interested in the future. Keep an eye out for free spirits who will give you new input. You don't need what you already know, just something extraordinary, great and exciting to come up with new ideas.

Scorpio 2023 Horoscope

The big yearly horoscope 2023 Scorpio It gnaws at you, this uneasiness. Something in your life is not going the way it should. You can't shake this feeling, it comes at the most inopportune moments, in the morning in the shower or in bed in the evening when you can't fall asleep again. But the prospects allow for great confidence. Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, is one of the fixed signs. With strength, power and pure will it can achieve, get and achieve almost anything it really wants. 2023 the zodiac sign Scorpio has to dare the leap into the unknown It is a constant theme in life, the power of one's own unconscious to use for yourself. However, the past two and a half years have been very trying as old patterns and new possibilities keep colliding at the soul level. The field of tension between Saturn and Uranus pushed Scorpios to the limits of what is possible, sometimes at a loss. At the same time, there was a great desire to finally be able to leave the hamster wheel and dare to take the leap into the unknown. Scorpio had to reinvent itself, and that cosmic invitation continues. But the roller coaster ride of the extremes is now becoming a smoother slide. Annual horoscope 2023: Scorpio and the transformation And from May, Scorpio will enter the balsamic phase. Balsamic for the soul, healing for the body. What was squandered and exhausted beyond all measure in the past few years now requires new energy and leisure. Only a great effort will still be necessary. In 2023, Scorpio lives forward again, understanding what was and leaving the past. "With all power" and "absolutely" are deleted from one's own vocabulary, thrown out of the patterns of action, it can be cozier, more comfortable and simply beautiful. In the end, it wasn't easy for the deeply passionate people to meet really like-minded people. Friendships suffered some breaks, sometimes there was a lack of time and attention. Luckily that will change in 2023. It is not for nothing that the year is assigned to the planet Mars, which once belonged to Scorpio and lets something of the combative nature of this water sign flash. That is why the first months of the year are interspersed with what awakens the desire to do and provoke. These are liberating months leading up to May, in which Scorpio carries out what is written in every description of the zodiac: transformation. For the zodiac sign Scorpio, things will get passionate in 2023 From early summer, Scorpios will treat themselves to everything they missed and had almost forgotten. Above all, it becomes more enjoyable. Thanks to more relaxed times, Scorpio finds a new, exciting eroticism. Here the passionate leave the old paths and preferences and like to live it out, especially in the summer months. Which do not necessarily have to end in excess, because Scorpios need holistic, pampering and healing sessions in terms of health. A partner with similar needs can be helpful here. Do something good. And take care of yourself!.

Sagittarius 2023 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2023 Sagittarius Are you dissatisfied with the past year? Stop brooding, because there is no need. Over the past twelve months, the desire to go your own way has motivated Sagittarius to venture into unknown territory and undertake big things – often something that he or she had never dared to do before. If this didn't work out right away, it will be by spring 2023 at the latest. Now comes the time for second chances, a real new beginning. It may be that those who spread optimism doubt their own autonomous course from time to time because it is initially noticeable through a lack of closeness and a lack of sensual warmth. But this phase will pass. Hold on! The most important thing for Sagittarius 2023: the balance between freedom and security Sagittarius always feels a natural urge for personal growth, small and humble only works well in the short term. Against boredom and equanimity, Sagittarius therefore needs challenges and space. So the year starts on a new pasture of options. Professional matters, further training, stays abroad, trips to unfamiliar places: Bring on the good life, even on your own. Sagittarius still needs the emotional go and unconditional yes of the soulmate and expects mutual loyalty and unconditional support in order to be able to develop further. Since last summer, the thirst for knowledge has hardly been quenched, at the same time Schützen is also realizing what is missing and what has been learned has been lost. You are in demand and feel that you are being checked out until March - but in a good and supportive way. A rapid communicative and controversial phase accompanies you until May. An optimal time to finally become self-employed, to push dormant and postponed projects and also to bring them to an end. But as long as there is no meaning in doing, the shooters have no fire in their souls. Do you feel what the stars want from you? Yes, of course you feel it. The yearly horoscope 2023 has a thirst for adventure and togetherness in store for Sagittarians After April, it becomes emotionally warmer and more sensual. A beautiful maturation process sets in, which lets you land gently on the ground of reality. You realize what really matters to you. Common plans come to the fore again, the private sphere becomes more important. In the summer, the fireborns have to demand the necessary freedom to live out everything that feels particularly attractive as a couple: surfing in the Atlantic, canoe tours through the jungle or tango in Argentina. You decide! They need something extra, something special and to strengthen their shared spirit of adventure. A lot of what will take place in 2023 has a great connection to the outside world. From autumn and into winter, Sagittarians finally come to devote themselves to their own inner being, to everything that strengthens their own health and means healing. You will leave a happy 2023 behind you radiant and fulfilled. That's a nice prospect, isn't it?

Capricorn 2023 Horoscope

The great annual horoscope 2023 Capricorn Since 2008, planet Pluto, the cosmic symbol for transformation, crisis, collapse and new beginnings, has been with Capricorn. The last two years have been exhausting. Worst-case scenarios flashed up all the time, Capricorn was confronted with deep-seated fears, their own control mechanisms and the gift of perseverance. Not only once did the zodiac sign want to give up everything. Now the time has finally come. But nothing is thrown away here, but let go confidently. To do this, you must allow dynamics and trust the universe. Also, stop fighting and defending yourself against everything. And also to force and manipulate. The good things will happen all by themselves. Yes, it is difficult to accept that. Especially in turbulent times that fuel the desire for predictability and an overview. Allow it within the scope of your possibilities. 2023 Capricorn finally learns to let go and to trust The year begins intensively and passionately on a partnership level, can also be accompanied by a radical insight and a termination to make room for the big release. Complicated and complex things are now drifting into the space of the past. From March, Capricorns will finally free themselves from old power structures, from pressure and from crisis mode. You have probably achieved a lot in recent years, but now you are more interested in the questions: What for and at what price? The only Capricorns who will continue to deal with pressure and transformation are those born at the very end of the sign. Resilience has now had its day as a guide to one's own worth. The proud Capricorns, who like to hide behind a facade of untouchability, who follow through with discipline what they once set out to do, can finally learn to relax and trust again in 2023. From May the cosmic climate changes, one's own life experiences a phase of softness and sensuality. And Capricorn blossoms. After breaks and hurting times, solidarity and team spirit are now coming back. You are not alone - even if it has felt that way for a long time. It will do the tithes and responsible of the zodiac incredibly well to work less than usual in 2023. To turn to leisure and all that really fulfills it. The yearly horoscope 2023 promises sensual adventures for Capricorn Take care of yourself fully and now all about your health, but above all about your own desire and joie de vivre. Yes, that also includes everything sensual. Your sex life will sparkle in all colors. From May and throughout the summer, there are an incredible number of opportunities to do so. The encounters mean nothing but fun and finally don't require a large-scale therapeutic effort. Allow yourself to be who you actually are after the long dry spells: free, authentic and wild. And stop trying to control everything down to the smallest detail. The universe has a good plan.

Aquarius 2023 Horoscope

The great annual horoscope 2023 Aquarius Excuse me, are you seated well? Are you buckled up? A helmet and knee pads probably won't hurt either. And of course snacks. If you are ready, you can start now, because a new era is beginning for the visionaries of the cosmic circle. Everything around you is now changing at full speed, you like that. Finally a year that corresponds to Aquarius' preferences: action, new, exciting. The most important month of 2023 is March. Here, the Airborn will finally get a more concrete idea of what the future may hold for the world and not least for themselves. During this phase between March and June, they particularly need the innovative networking that has been created over the past two years. A new, independent era begins for Aquarius in 2023 Aquarius has experienced a pronounced phase of maturity. They had to recognize limits, accept challenges, stick with it, ride out tendencies to escape and at times take their own freedom out of focus. That wears you down, so you needed strong people by your side. It's a good thing that, looking back, you allowed it to happen - when you usually like to insist on being able to do everything on your own. You can too, but with good people by your side it's sometimes simpler, easier, less complicated. After all, there was no place for chaos and drifting. You often had to deal with the fact that your dreams and visions were smiled at. You had to grow a thick skin. But from now on no one can harm you and your big project is perfectly prepared. Now you are stable, especially emotionally. Pluto is moving into your sign for the first time, will finally move into Aquarius in 2024 and stay there for many years. A new era begins. Aquarius plays a prominent role as the sign is challenged to create something that hasn't existed before. A real novelty. That's why it will be all the more important for you to use the warm summer months to live out your body and body and to dissolve all the strong head energy. Eroticism and sensuality help. But also the spirit of a meditative and carefully mindful life. In summer, Aquarius people tend to excessive excesses, so the subsequent detox should not be missed. However, a little face mask and drinking juice is not enough. Get a good rest, avoid the noise of everyday life, you will still need your strength. Annual horoscope knows: 2023 is all about love and passion In the last few years, some friends or partnerships have said goodbye, who now what is left is good for eternity. And now, finally, new people are being added. It will be more colourful, wilder and daring. Enjoy it! The hard years are over. A powerful time begins, autumn and winter 2023 serve to go into honest reflection. Oh, and do you actually have lucky numbers? Then throw them into play. Could turn out well for you.

Pisces 2023 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2023 Pisces What a year you have behind you! Can you take it all in? Have you already sorted it out in your head or are you still trying to find the right categories and labels for the experience? The long stay of the planet Neptune has led to permeability and sensitivity in Pisces. In these times one loses oneself in order to find oneself again, follows one's dreams, one loses oneself there too. Disorientation and the feeling of weakness alternate with strong phases of dream realization and heavenly feel-good times. The last year was characterized by strong Jupiter times, which are commonly interpreted as luck. They have danced in upward spirals and indulged in fantasies of a better self. For Pisces, 2023: Everything will be fine in the end In 2023, planet Saturn will now begin its journey into Pisces. Saturn is wrongly regarded as the zodiac's spoilsport. Astrology and its planetary symbolism always carries light and shadow, we are woven into great energetic forces that ultimately always make sense. So don't worry too much. This time, too, everything will be fine in the end. And if it's not good, it's not the end yet. Saturn also represents concentration. He is a terrestrial planet belonging to the earth element that materializes and manifests. Not only the soil of reality belongs to Saturn, but also the treasures that this soil holds. Saturn phases therefore often have to do with the culmination of previous efforts. With responsibility and maturity. And last but not least, with exams to grow on your own heroic journey. The Pisces-born, who like to live in their own worlds and design them as imaginatively and colorfully as possible, are confronted by Saturn with facts and realities in the short term, which then become exhausting if everything that did not fit into their own fantasy structure was previously hidden. 2023 Pisces rescued themselves As of March, fish will sense which oceanic depths and slippery niches are initially no longer so accessible. A juicy reality check that Pisces can use to tidy up their own lives and draw firmer outlines of their own personality again. You can free yourself from bad dependency patterns, finally do what you really want according to plan, and trim and trim everything frayed like too much like any algae braids, so that you find the order that gives you support and stability. Make yourself comfortable, because Saturn is staying for two and a half years. It's a time of reflection and endurance testing, but one that gives you the discipline you need to get off the net. Fish will save themselves in 2023. And it's continuing. Mildness mixes into this ripening phase from May onwards. Action is supported by a warm emotional consistency that is fed by touch and less by unreached longing. Fish see clearly. And end mergers that are no longer up-to-date. Everything has and had its time.

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