Aries & Cancer - Love Compatibility

Pairing weight: 42:58
Like each other: 4
Long-lasting: 3
An Aries and a Cancerian are absolutely two personalities with different motivations, different approaches to life and they have different goals to achieve. But if both are ready to share something of their basic goodness to other, their lives will be greatly enriched.
Aries - Cancer pairs are more often found as relatives or co-workers. For a romantic couples also the meeting place will be more usually a work place or a family atmosphere. To bring this astrologically distinct persons together, a Sun-Moon conjunction between their horoscopes is very essential. Even then if they have tuned themselves to tolerate each other, the differences between them will be notable.
A Cancer man brings smiles to the face of an Aries woman, making her sweeter. From the beginning of their relationship, he maker her know that she excites him and he loves her.
The main common characteristic of a Cancer and a Aries is the feeling of jealousy. A Cancer man enjoys it more than his Aries girl does. Jealousy will sometimes bring an emotional security to the Ram, but if the Cancerian may lay on her with a heavy hand she will start showing flashes of resentful rebellion.
Both the Cancer and Aries are ambitious, they are very concerned about money, fame and recognition. However, a Cancerian will never show this, and have different ideas regarding the way of reaching their goals. What needed most in an Aries-Cancer relationship is the mind for compromise. A Cancerian tends to compromise more easily than an Aries.
An Aries woman and a Cancer man are both sentimental, who needs a great deal of tender, loving and care. If the Aries initiative and Cancerian persistency goes together, they will achieve wonders in their life.
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