Sagittarius & Aries - Love Compatibility

Pairing weight: 52:48
Like each other: 4
Long-lasting: 4
Aries and Sagittarius, the most accident prone in the Zodiac. They will get along pretty well mainly because they have so much in common, and one among this is their love for heated discussion. Besides this they both cheer for the outdoor sports, travelling and honesty. Anyone can guarantee for their relationship, often a match made in heaven, that they would go along without getting bored.
A Sagittarius woman is admirable, courageous, likes to have excitement and fun. The Aries man and The Sagittarius girl is well matched in their enthusiasm, energy and drive. Usually this couple has common interests and similar personalities and this make them a very compatible companion for each other.
Aries is a Cardinal sign and Sagittarius a Mutable Sign. So while commencing a new project or implementing a new idea, Aries will be the initiator and Sagittarius will accept his ideas. When these partners work together, they won't argue over who gets to take the credit for their achievements. Aries likes glory, Sagittarius is happy to be controlling events from the background, and there won't be any argument or difference in opinions while they work together.
If they are able to conquer their mutual unintentional selfishness permanently, nothing will separate them.
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