Leo & Aries - Love Compatibility

Pairing weight: 48:52
Like each other: 3
Long-lasting: 2
An Aries and a Leo as both are Fire Signs is supposed to have a very heated and passionate relationship. This can often lead to loud arguments and damaged egos followed by a question that who among them will take the charge, however, these are never to last long, as their relationship has a powerful spirit of cooperation and mutual admiration.
In their alliance, Aries will be the initiator and Leo will be the one who follows through, they both have their own part in their dealings. Both have genuine admiration and respect for each other, but they must come to some inner decision to take turns while commanding and giving orders. Even though they tend to respect each other's views, they will choose their own way as they both seek freedom.
Much excitement and communication is expected between an Aries man and a Leo woman. A Lioness needs her superiority to be recognized and respected, otherwise it proves to be difficult to live with her. However, Astrologers gives guarantee, if the aspects between their luminaries are beneficent, there is a happy and congenial relationship between an Aries man and a Leo woman.
One of the common characters both enjoy is giving and receiving presents. Between an Aries and Leo, temporary clashes of wills bring the spice of excitement, as these couples need for periodic re-charging for their initial passion. Her Aries man loves a Leo woman and if she feels that she's not properly appreciated, she becomes indifferent. An Aries man is not much distinct to this, he also wanted to be often noticed and appreciated by his Lioness.
The Aries man who is in love with a Leo woman will give all the encouragement she needs to live up to her birthright pride and dignity. The Aries will find a warm home in the heart of Leo woman and she is sure to glorify her Aries man.
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