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Aries 2024 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2024 Aries Sitting around is not for you. Whatever is happening in one's life and in the world, the Aries energy needs the feeling of doing, of activity, of fighting. You're always trying to be active, and when you're not, you get angry. Now comes a message that should have been told to you a long time ago: Aries can also relax, lie down, rest on the couch. The annual planet Sun supports you in two ways: Firstly, it makes you a little more relaxed. Secondly, you can do nothing with a clear conscience because in the solar year 2024 you have advance praise, after all, the sun is made of fire - and Aries is a fire sign. Those born in Aries can also accept weakness in their lives in 2024 Nevertheless: with In 2024 there will be a change in perspective that has been brewing for some time. In 2019, the asteroid Chiron moved into the sign of Aries. He belongs to the centaur group and symbolizes our weak points. Since then, the impetuous and unbending energy of all Aries-born people has repeatedly experienced a break in order to integrate vulnerability and weakness into their own lives. This results in resilience, personal touchability becomes important for change in one's own life. Jupiter will promote your communication skills and empathy this year And so those born in Aries can look forward to the year 2024 calmly, even if it starts out a bit heavy and burdensome . With your typical stamina and characteristically unwavering tenacity, you get off to a good start - especially if you can take breaks on the couch. Those born in Aries always want to be the first, which also means not following others, but following their own impulsiveness. Don't add fuel to the discussion fire, you'll burn everything down. Luckily, there is some cosmic support from Jupiter this year, which will promote your communication skills and empathy. Aries needs to actively recharge in 2024 - preferably on the couch From February onwards, things will get wild and emotionally dangerous. In partnership, it's all about the whole thing. Separate or stay? A strong liberation energy is pulsating in your life, but please think for a little longer than a few seconds. This energy will also make you generally more creative in 2024. This, in turn, awakens a general curiosity, and so the new year will be a perfect one to learn something new and/or to finally say goodbye to some of the things you've experienced so far because they no longer suit you at all. Connect with new people and ideas who share your pioneering spirit. There are bumpy moments especially in the months of August and December. But the gentleness and insight to no longer run away from one's own weaknesses and bad days or to cover them up with actionism enable times to slow down and the calmness to assume the best. Only those who have recharged their batteries can show off and blossom at the right time. We would like to remind you of this place where you should be regularly in 2024: Starts with "C" and ends with "ouch".

Taurus 2024 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2024 Taurus The planet Uranus has accompanied the sign Taurus for several years. It is one of the collective planets and represents upheaval, revolts and change. Its electrifying side effect causes existing things to shake and surprises with spontaneous changes. And so, for example, the possessive mentality that is actually characteristic of those born in Taurus was disrupted. You, the down-to-earth person who is sensitive to material things, asked yourself things like: Why work? Why hold on to tangible securities? Such constantly repeating thoughts probably sound familiar to you. February could be a good time for Taurus to date After these experiences of the last few years, Taurus certainly no longer has any expectations of eternity, the comfort zone has been left behind and habits already changed. Now the whole thing will be topped in 2024. Emotionally things go a bit haywire from February onwards. Encounters, especially new ones, have an impact. Now would be a good time for dating. Or an unsolicited application for your dream job. The constellation of stars results in an opportunity that appears brilliantly in April and needs to be decided quickly. You know what you want, but above all you know exactly what you don't want. Unfortunately, Taurus-born people are also extremely stubborn, so they sometimes get bogged down in nonsense that makes them unhappy. Yes, for example, you once said 14 years ago that you liked cheesecake. But actually you haven't liked him for a long time. So stop eating it. You are allowed to change your mind - even if you belong to this zodiac sign. So in the spring of 2024, think about opportunities that you would have dismissed as uninteresting at another point in your life. Otherwise, there will be a lot of dissatisfaction in May when an opportunity has irretrievably passed. Annual horoscope for 2023: From summer onwards it will finally be quieter for those born in Taurus Major changes have knocked vehemently on your door in the last few years, that's why you are now so exhausted. Fortunately, what comes next is slowly approaching, thanks to the annual planet Sun. That's good, because Neptune in Pisces also expressly asks you to manage your strength. Change will happen in 2024 without noise, without drama, without disorientation. The first half of the year may be a bit intimidating, but from summer onwards you will feel calm and contented. Enjoy it, you worked really hard for it and waited a long time for it. Now comes your big moment. The year 2024 invites you with parties, confetti and good music to finally cut off all those pseudo-safety ropes that have been in your way for a long time and to focus on what you really want. It's probably not cheesecake.

Gemini 2024 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2024 Gemini Are you wearing your seatbelt? Do you wear a helmet? If not, please change that quickly, because all hell will break loose for you in 2024. Planet Mercury, known for its somewhat non-committal and at the same time lively moodiness, belongs to the sign Gemini. Your quick thinking has never been more necessary than now. In a world in which many are tempted to drop out or at least cannot admit that they no longer understand certain connections, feel misunderstood and overtaken by the speed, hold your ground. They are used to being everywhere and sometimes nowhere at the same time. They jump and fib, forget and have fun. They are a breath of fresh air at every party. And yet you are repeatedly accused of being non-committal or careless. This is criticism that you have to deal with in a mature way - and that you should simply accept without pouting. There's also enough to praise: You find it easy to change perspectives, you never lose the thread in discussions. Gemini will be particularly creative and imaginative in 2024 In phases of retrograde of their own planet Mercury, including this year However, in the transition to the new year, April and August, you need an inward turn so that the orientation is correct again. This will be a little tough, but you can do it! In 2024, your own ingenuity will run wild. Gemini will expand, exploit, test and expand their own radius, their imagination of possibilities. Jupiter, the big show-off of the solar system, will be visiting his own sign from May 26th, spreading joviality. An interesting guest who likes to promise more than is possible, but at least activates his own imagination. Nevertheless: It doesn't work quickly, and especially not on your own. The network, the community, the like-minded people and the chosen family, without them, little will work in 2024. It is becoming more important, not to say: the most important thing of all. Prepare yourself accordingly. It might be worth it for you to stay offline more often in the new year You have a lot to learn in 2024. Not necessarily in a personal way, but more in an informative way. Research sources carefully, don't buy into fake news, and stop conspiracy stories on social media immediately. The time when you could laugh about something like that is over. The world situation is too tense – and your own too. Stick to what you know for sure and warn friends not to gossip. Have you ever considered taking up volunteer work? Now is the right moment. It's better to get involved than to trumpet on the Internet. An Insta tile like this might get likes, but it won't fill the void in your emotional life. Just stay offline! 2024 will be a bumpy year for Gemini Let this flirting with others go too. This will only get you into the devil's kitchen unnecessarily. In 2024, Gemini will find so much that would be possible if they look with their hearts and don't ignore their minds. And please, please put your helmet on. Because it will be jerky.

Cancer 2024 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope for 2024 Cancer At times everyone just wants to lie in bed with a blanket over their head, cell phone off and digest the world situation. But your desire for this is unusually strong at the beginning of the year. But unfortunately there is now no grace period for lunar water creatures like you. And secretly you also know that burying is not the solution. So please pull yourself together and roll up your sleeves. Cancer-born people need grit and a clear goal in front of them, right at the beginning of the year. However, once you have mastered the first challenges, there is hardly anyone who will praise you for it. The people around you are so busy with themselves that they have no eyes for your struggle. Nevertheless, you can be grateful that you are pulling yourself out of this slump. As a result, sensitive people like you realize that it is better not to remain stuck in the feeling of being stuck in the new year, but rather to simply carry on courageously, even if in doubt. So you can make big decisions on your own in 2024, without Hinz and Kunz talking into you and expressing concerns that would only unnecessarily unsettle you anyway. A big surprise is coming for Cancer in 2024 And with this freedom comes a big surprise in the new year : An unusual and incredibly different and authentic-feeling connection enters your life before spring. Like a puzzle piece that has been missing for some time, everything suddenly comes together to form a complete, beautiful picture and fills you with deep satisfaction. By April at the latest, the star's temperament can no longer be stopped and the caution that normally dominates Cancer life is over. No more meticulous planning, no more routines, people born in Cancer are now rebelling and dancing – yikes! – suddenly get out of line and become curious. This means that the private and professional status quo is daringly questioned. You are no longer attached to people or things. The summer of 2024 is like a wild dance for those born in Cancer With so much desire for change, the summer is like a wild dance: you flirt without thinking about it for hours afterwards, you have fun and enjoy. In other words: in 2024 you will learn lightness and develop creativity without much effort that leaves all possibilities open. You may rearrange, maybe even change your place of residence, travel, discover new hobbies and new people. All the old fears that you dragged around with you like bulky luggage can now be thrown away with peace of mind. These are no longer yours, you have outgrown them; You are ready for a major transformation. In the winter you will look back and be very, very happy with your personal 2024 revolution. So let the year end relaxed. Everything you experience must be integrated into your nervous system - preferably in bed, with a blanket over your head, without a cell phone. So that you can reflect undisturbed about what is actually possible if you only dare.

Leo 2024 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2024 Leo The midpoint. When someone asks where he is, all they have to do is look for you. Whether you like it or not: Leo is always directly on the X, all the headlights shine mercilessly on it. What sounds tempting to some people is currently mostly unpleasant for you. You would like to deal with yourself, reflect, and sort out your life. This constant bright light is only a hindrance. And now the universe is going one better: 2024 is a solar year, belonging to the sign Leo. So you have so much light that you can operate your own solar field. The zodiac sign Leo has some mysterious experiments planned for 2024 But here's the solution: You've known since 2020 that you can only really blossom if you are connected to others. Your network supports you, so there is finally (dim) space for mysterious experiments. And you plan to do some of them in 2024. As a fire person, you are familiar with the experimental. Normally this doesn't affect the core of you, but rather the outside. But this time it's time to get down to business. Don't worry, your plan will work. Trust yourself. There will be a few angry and stubborn moments, but overall it quickly becomes clear to everyone that things had to happen the way they did. They lacked meaning in life. Now it's being brought in on a silver platter, grab it. But let's start from the beginning: The new year begins tough and a little devoid of fun, and Leo would do well to dance into it with as little to no expectations as possible. What was planned may not work out completely or turn out differently than expected. The first month is like a permanent test, a thorny hedge that wants to be penetrated in order to advance into a new and paradisiacal field. From February onwards all the rules will be turned upside down. Good this way. In the general chaos, your retreat into secrecy is not so noticeable. Now it's time to be quick for the experiments already mentioned. The phase of last summer 2023, when it was about recapturing something that was lost, suddenly makes sense. And through the events, especially in February and April, Leo frees himself from the shackles of the past and now, without fear of loss of individuality, becomes freer in a way that the zodiac sign has perhaps never been before. The annual horoscope for 2024 knows: For Leo separates the desire to have from the need to keep In partnership and in relation to possessions, the desire to have separates from the need to keep. In June there will be new alliances that relate to all kinds of connections, both erotic and friendly and of course professional. A seed that was planted in 2020 is sprouting. Just please hit the brakes by autumn at the latest. They also need to regenerate a bit after all the experiments. And maybe let a few small wounds heal. After all, there was a lot on offer in this funny and inventive 2024.

Virgo 2024 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2024 Virgo Yes, that's how you imagined it: The new year starts straight. You set your mind to one thing in 2023, you worked hard for it, you're continuing to do it now. In the end, wait… what actually? Virgos like to explore the details, dig into the causes and often develop something new from this, which becomes more stable and rooted in the basic substance. Your actual goal can be adjusted again. The second earth signs of the zodiac like what is reliable, and yet there are improvements and suggestions for change from the cosmic constellations of the new year. Finding and maintaining the right balance can be difficult in the first few months when it comes to the vision and implementation of unimagined possibilities. Ultimately, this requires a willingness to experiment, and this has no measure because it lacks any assessment. In February you are welcome to devote yourself to daring ventures And hey presto, we are already in the second month of the year and the straightforwardness has disappeared passed with great fanfare. February will be extraordinary and unpredictable. New connections are created that encourage change. Daring ventures are encouraged. Virgos can rely on their instincts. Ultimately, what happens next depends on this sudden change and your own leap into the shadows. It's good that Virgos are very willing to learn and have no problem starting over if they notice something isn't working. It's better that it takes a little longer and is properly done than starting quick shots that end in sloppy improvisation. You will often be teased a bit for this, but in reality it is a trait that you should definitely maintain - for your satisfaction and that of others. The year 2024 will be exciting professionally for Virgo Now, however, there is 2024 in the solar year a turning point that involves throwing acquired knowledge, including everything related to possession and holding, into the risk pool. Like risking everything you have by gambling. That thought immediately makes you itch, doesn't it? You don't really like gambling. But in April you have to, it doesn't help. Be sure to make your knowledge available to others. After all, knowledge can never be transformed into wisdom if we keep it to ourselves. So the new year will be exciting, especially professionally. Planet Jupiter moves into the sign of Gemini. You are related to this sign as you both share the same cosmic companion, planet Mercury. In the zodiac, the two are somewhat tense towards each other. While the Gemini energy is about understanding itself, Virgo only cares about the result. What comes in loosely as information becomes a statement for you. Caution is advised. You can question everyday things in summer and autumn. Does it really have to be like that? And why should you always be the only one responsible? The others can have a go too.

Libra 2024 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope for 2024 Libra It's pretty loud and windy out there. Not just in terms of weather, no, the whole world is shaking. This is bad for everyone right now, but almost unbearable for the cardinal sign Libra. You desperately try to keep your balance, but sometimes you just get carried away. Take a deep breath and remember this right at the beginning of the year: The best way to stay in control of your life is to take action. When you do and pretend, not when you participate and imitate. Self-efficacy has never been more important than in the first few weeks after New Year's Eve. Stay in the now, the short-term must first be stabilized before the long-term can be tackled. In 2024, Libra will have to work as a team - even if that doesn't sound very tempting at first All of this is preparation for the big cosmic movements that will also take place in an air sign. Libra embodies the airy connection. This does not mean anything non-binding. But what is based on freedom. In the solar year 2024, Libra people will take on a new position, that of ambassadors. A certain thing can only be accelerated by you, tackle it. Even if that means you have to work with people you wouldn't have immediately chosen on your own. Over the last year, you've learned that hastily reached compromises can turn into unpleasant stumbling blocks. This time you are smarter: yes, you have to work with this team now. No, they don't have to be your friends. Yes, it will pass. No, it won't take long. You can be completely honest with yourself: some people are just a means to an end. Nothing needs to be glossed over if it isn't really beautiful. From February onwards, private life for Libra-born people will be going smoothly But work isn't the whole of life, you have enough time for private things. And from February there will be a party alarm with amorous surprises. The first eclipse circus in spring may bring with it shadows, closure, an end, but only to continue wandering more freely and full of curiosity. What started out strong and intense ends the same way. A direct replacement is just around the corner. In June, new connections become even more intimate and form a whole. The chosen family is now established, reliable and present at important moments. Nevertheless, it is and remains flexible. Libra connects itself instead of connecting others. The flexibility that Libra is developing in 2024 is impressive Now nothing out there is too loud for you like it was at the beginning of the year. On the contrary: you can't get enough of new things. You carry the cosmic balance within you and are no longer dependent on stability from outside. When bumps in the road, resistance and even difficulties arise, just smile. Your flexibility is impressive; the journey is much more important to you than the goals. Every now and then it's still worth checking out: What worked well and what didn't? And above all: What do you learn from it for your daily balance?

Scorpio 2024 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope for 2024 Scorpio You want to have your gift: You can see through human facades and recognize every character weakness immediately. This doesn't always make you popular with colleagues or relatives. But that makes your friends appreciate you even more. You also have an unmistakable bullshit radar. The zodiac sign Scorpio represents light and shadow. Conversely, this means: you not only see the bad, but also the good in your fellow human beings. Lost swearers and renegade protest voters can, if at all, be brought back to reality by you. This is no small task, of course. But when the opportunity to broaden others' horizons presents itself, make no effort. Because you can read others so well, you're bound to be a pro at your own masquerade. But because life shouldn't just contain crime stories and mysterious dramas, you can leave out the theatrical make-up every now and then. This is the only way to get personal romcoms and heartfelt love songs. For 2024, the zodiac sign Scorpio needs emotional and physical reserves Scorpio has been put through the cosmic wringer in recent years, and now it is becoming increasingly clear what new things can come out of it. The last year was about authenticity, but a lot of things weren't relaxing. And now, in the solar year 2024, there will be new eruptions that couldn't be more liberating. But for this you need emotional and physical reserves. A sabbatical would be best, but there isn't enough time for that. That's why short breaks must work wonders. If possible, travel alone and put your cell phone away. You urgently need a break from constant communication and the background noise of the world. Don't put it off, plan it before summer. And you should think about the sabbatical thing again later. At the end of your life, no one will ask you how much you have worked. Annual horoscope 2024: Scorpio needs its own emptiness in the new year The new year needs its own emptiness and not an overcrowded state with knowledge, views and opinions and especially no know-it-all attitude. Scorpio leaves the position of meticulous exploration and penetration to embrace the impossible. From February onwards, Scorpios are asked to show a lot of willingness to take emotional risks. It varies whether this manifests itself as a trusting long-distance relationship, whether more freedom is desired within one's own relationship or whether loose connections promise the most fulfillment. Everything that lacks certain solid forms can now be created with ease. Scorpios invent something new, including when working with other people, especially in April. An opportunity that appears now will not come again and appears very suddenly. Say yes. In 2024 you will easily recognize what is good for you and what is not. Your mind is crystal clear and your heart sees everything in just the right light. The sun shows you the way.

Sagittarius 2024 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope for 2024 Sagittarius Imagine a timeline on which the most important stations in your collection of knowledge are noted: school, training, further education, lectures, books, conversations, workshops and so much more. And next, to what extent you apply the knowledge you have acquired in life. What life mantra did you create from it? An interesting question for the philosophy-loving Sagittarius-born people to start the new year with reflection. The third fire sign likes to think about the future, but it would be good for you to look back now, because the experiences and decisions of the past few years play a major role in the forecast for the new year. It started at the end of 2020 and became clear between March and June of last year: your reliable intuition became louder and louder, your faithful gut feeling vehemently reminded you of the desire for change. Picking up this feeling, like a trail, is the right thing for you in the new year. This one thing, even if it seems absurd or far-fetched, impossible or impossible: Implement it! In 2024, the environment will need the optimistic Sagittarius perspective And it's best to do what you do so well: inspire people and get carried away. Those around you need your optimistic perspective. You are valued for your ability to engage and optimize without aiming for a specific personal goal. Your own, sometimes somewhat arrogant, aloofness will be a thing of the past in the new year. This makes people born in Sagittarius more approachable and, thanks to your open and optimistic nature, you can quickly become a role model, for example for a freer life. The foundation stone for this will be laid in February. You will recognize it and burn for it. But what good is your effort and commitment when your own reality lags behind? This experience will give you some problems in the second half of the year. Then you have to accept that reality is not compatible with your idea. Not yet! Some things just take longer, don't give up. Many people throw down and react with distraction in order to suppress their own helplessness. Not you. The annual horoscope for 2024: Sagittarius longs for concrete meaning In 2024, join a movement (or several) that corresponds to your values. You long for a concrete sense of meaning that the daily hamster wheel cannot give you. You will meet many exciting people and collect information from which you can filter out and interpret perspectives for yourself. And that brings us back to the initial question about your life philosophy: Will it still be the same in a year as it is today? Many doors will be open to those born in Sagittarius in the solar year of 2024, and your zodiac sign will be welcomed with open arms by others.

Capricorn 2024 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2024 Capricorn Capricorns like to complain. They also complain that their horoscope is often so bad. Now one can argue about whether this is possibly selective perception. Or Capricorns like you are now happy about this fact: your new year starts with momentum and ultra-turbo. And as if that wasn't good enough, things pick up even more speed in the summer and are heading towards a legendary end to the year. But let's start from the beginning: There is hardly a time of the year that takes us back to our roots as much as the turn of the year. And there are no months that confront us more with tradition than the last and first of each year. Here's a friendly reminder: You don't have to spend the holidays traditionally, with your family or like your circle of friends, just to meet everyone else's expectations. Maybe you'll just fly into the sun this year? Or do nothing at all? An era will come to an end for those born in Capricorn in 2024 Those born in Capricorn will have a lot behind them in 2023. And the last ones born under this sign are still in the middle of it all. But it will soon be over. Permanent guest Pluto, who confronted us with, among other things, crises, change, shadows and at the same time riches, is finally leaving its own sign after fifteen (!) years. It is about time. An era is coming to an end, including in your life. If you are unsettled now: there will be no tears. But please don't switch to autopilot either. Now it's time to be awake. Not just to function. Yes, you like to plan. That's a good character trait. But perhaps you also tend to be a bit stubborn and harsh - especially towards yourself. In 2024, try compassion – especially towards yourself. The new year, associated with the fixed star Sun, demands exactly this from the third earth signs: flexibility and leaving behind heaviness. But this does not result from pulling together, but from inner freedom and voluntariness. You will see: the stronger the resistance, the greater the liberation. Every challenge can be accepted with a bouquet of flowers and a thank you. The findings, with subsequent comprehensive changes that Capricorns will experience in the new year, will be more groundbreaking than you previously thought. The annual horoscope for Capricorns 2024 knows: Now it can and will become easier! Control is with you in the cosmic Basic equipment included. But what else is this useful for? Your own foundation is shaky, the structures may have already collapsed, but fortunately the trip to extremes is over. So: what else should you be afraid of now? One's own fallibility has been served as the main menu, the limits of resilience have been revealed. Now it can and will be easy, good-humoured clouds will pass you as a Capricorn in 2024 and invite you to passionate excursions. We'll be happy to ask again next year in December whether your stars for 2024 were so bad again. Because we know: No.

Aquarius 2024 Horoscope

The Big Annual Horoscope 2024 Aquarius Hopefully you have some good books. Because the time has come: the countdown for Pluto's entry into Aquarius has already started, and now he will finally be a real guest in your sign. This has a massive impact on both the private and social spheres. Pluto is one of the slow movers. Accordingly, he will stay for a long time, until the year 2043. Our reading recommendations: a few good non-fiction books on the topics of practicing patience (yes, that is not your strength), channeling anger correctly (the people you love usually can't help what annoys you ) and meaningful employment (no, the job is not the most important thing in life). For Aquarius, 2024 will be emotionally intensive Pluto represents transformation and change. So will 2024 be a year in which old structures in your life dissolve? The foundation for this could now be laid. To make the influence of Pluto even more tangible: It stands for depth, but the zodiac sign Aquarius loves the air and spiritual flights of fancy, visions and ideas for the future. And preferably from a distance, because people born in Aquarius like space and freedom. But Pluto embodies intensity and closeness. You notice: It's difficult to put together. But it also contains many opportunities. This means: The coming year will be emotionally intense for you. Deep involvement will be a topic from February onwards. Every discrepancy, no matter how small, is noticeable. Relationships for eternity are forged, yet so different and new that no doubt can arise. Everything that previously seemed excluded because it was too conventional or traditional for those born in Aquarius suddenly has space. Marry? Children? Permanent employment? Buy an apartment? Package holiday? You might think about it again in 2024. By the way, Pluto also has a resounding effect in matters of success, because it is the planet of power and control. Those born in Aquarius never doubt the impossible, but rather go in search of it. The search and finding of what doesn't exist, what you have never tried before, has an even stronger appeal in the new year. In 2024, those born in Aquarius will finally arrive where they have long been in their visions= =Speaking of charm: February will be an erotic highlight. Then changes simply sweep you away, and when you make decisions you may not yet be aware of the path this will set for your own life. In May and June many connections become stronger, which is how you know that everything is going right; that you yourself are correct. The doubts disappear, you no longer feel like an outsider. One thing is certain: in 2024, those born in Aquarius will finally arrive where they have long been in their visions. Your own, already extraordinary creativity literally explodes, and you are happy about new potential that is now showing itself powerfully. What you really want, what unexpected things lie dormant within you, will slowly but surely reveal themselves in the new year.

Pisces 2024 Horoscope

The big annual horoscope 2024 Pisces Dreaming is your thing. Where others struggle in everyday life, Pisces simply float in a different sphere. Solar year 2024 may increase this intuitive side of your sign, meaning you could be even more sensitive. In the worst case, this will lead to even more overthinking, and in the best case, clarity in interpersonal relationships. In addition to the solar power, the power of Saturn comes into play in the new year, which continues to visit your sign. Unfortunately, Saturn, the planet of responsibility, can be a hindrance to fun, but for those born in Pisces, the planet is more supportive - especially when it comes to learning. And so Pisces-born people see problems in the new year not as problems, but as challenges and opportunities. To put it positively: Saturn phases describe a time in which you gain experiences that strengthen you, that hone your character, that show you resources that you would not have found otherwise - so that from those moments in which you have the thought, Not being able to do something, coming out stronger, braver and more mature in the end. In 2024, Saturn will also support you in taking your health seriously and paying attention to a few niggles that you have been brushing off so far. February is a good time for a Pisces for a short vacation The year begins powerfully for you, a constant strength enables those born in Pisces to stick with projects and complete them(!). A break to recharge, for example in the form of a short vacation, would be more than appropriate in February. And there's this one big thing that you've been wanting to accomplish for a long time. What are you waiting for? There won't be a better time. On the contrary: the longer you put it off, the more it gnaws at you and the more dissatisfied you become. This is almost unbearable for you, but have you ever asked those around you? You'll soon be driving a wheelbarrow to this decision if you don't get going yourself. In the summer of 2024, things will be going well for Pisces Neptune has been operating in its own sign since 2010. Saturn is his opponent. And so in 2024, peace meets action, challenge meets relaxation. This year you will find a good rhythm that will enrich your own life and make it exciting, which is also thanks to new encounters. You will learn a lot the more actively you seek this challenge, conquer new areas of knowledge and acquire new skills. Pisces now love and appreciate understanding in a whole new way. Things get pretty busy from summer onwards. A lot of things happen, sometimes pleasantly, sometimes overwhelmingly. You practice, experiment and avoid less. As visionary as Pisces are, they are reluctant to face conflict. But sometimes you can't get around it, including you. At least you solve hurdles diplomatically, I have to give you that. For all the other topics you're avoiding: Think about the wheelbarrow. I'm sure you'd rather walk there yourself.

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