Sagittarius & Aquarius - Love Compatibility

Pairing weight: 56:44
Like each other: 5
Long-lasting: 4
If an Aquarius and a Sagittarius need a smooth relationship between them they must try to remain calm and collected under any and all occasions. Aquarius never response badly to the blunt reactions of a Sagittarius, as they are tend to view an insult as a compliment. A Aquarius usually sees the life in an upside down fashion. This makes them laugh when they are sad and weep when they are happy.
Both of them are humanitarians, and they also like to remain close to the Mother Nature, by going for camping and hiking. Sagittarius, a fire sign, is a strong, independent individual, and Aquarius, an air sign, also loves freedom and needs a detached and universal perspective on life. Fire and air support and stimulate each other, and these two will find that they have a lot in common, especially in the realm of intellectual interests.
Both of them are idealistic and enthused about life, and together they enjoy high jinks. With each other, the two will find life secure and troublesome free.
An Aquarius man and a Sagittarius woman have a better chance to achieve a desirable romantic blend filled with passion in their relationship than most of the other couples. Aquarius man will get attracted towards the nature of the Sagittarius girl of being less pretentious and her open and friendly manner.
He shares her tastes for variety and he'll have lot of fun by exploring interesting new people and places together. The crazy ideas of Sagittarius woman will never shock the Aquarius, because his are even crazier! It will be great fun talking to him and hanging around with him. Both will never get bored in this relationship. Both have brilliant minds and tend to think in expansive terms, but they also can be impractical about the daily details of life.
Often this partnership is free from constraint and compatible, and it's never dull!
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