Aquarius & Gemini - Love Compatibility

Pairing weight: 52:48
Like each other: 5
Long-lasting: 5
Gemini and Aquarius possess an understanding towards each other, and they enjoy a great mental compatibility when they are together. Gemini will get attracted towards the visionary spirit of the Aquarius, and in turn Aquarius will appreciate the ability of Gemini to bring out new ideas and good concept.
Arguments are likely between them if Aquarius takes offense at Gemini's tendency to tease or if Gemini feels that Aquarius is getting more stubborn. Both signs have a lot of energy in store for them, and if they intend to work together they can come up with great ideas and ways to formulate and implement it successfully. With wide-ranging interests the both own, and the Gemini's desire for an intellectual survey on matters gives the pair great material for colorful discussion.
The best aspect of the Gemini-Aquarius relationship is their ability to work together as partners. Even though the question of leadership will never arise, giving Aquarius the power to guide will make them more successful. Together they can provide a sounding board for each other's inspirations and flights of fancy. Their successful verbal interaction makes theirs a healthy relationship.
A very compatible pair. Relationship between a Gemini man and Aquarius woman if handled carefully will stay fresh long after the others have gone stale. She will take the necessary steps to turn his dreams into reality and he will be completely in support of her actions. Once this partnership learns to focus its energy, it can accomplish any goal, no matter how far-flung.
As two are affectionate and devoted companions they will have a relationship more than just remaining passionate lovers. Both of them are Air Signs, this duality will fuel their intellectual bond and will keep it going. Aquarius woman can come up with ideas that stimulate Gemini's interest and energy. This relationship will not be counted as a dispute free one, as the Gemini man's tendency to say lies will irritate the Aquarius woman who has a great influence in her life for the truth.
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