Dream of a treat

What does it meam to deam about dinner? Dreaming about dinner can have many meanings. Let's interpret the meaning of dreaming about dinner from different dimensions.
Dream of a treat
     To dream of a treat is always happy. After all, there are food and drink, and a banquet costs money. The treat in the dream means wealth.
     Dreaming of a dinner party indicates that you will be asking for something and spending some money recently.
     If you dream that you are in a big treat, inviting people to have a big meal, this is a very bad dream, which means "family desire is broken", which means that the family may be ruined or the wealth may be ruined.
     Dreaming of banqueting others means that something undesirable may happen;
     To dream of attending a banquet held by someone else is a good fortune sign, meaning that your career will be successful;
     To dream of cooking and eating at a banquet is to remind the dreamer of small quarrels at home;
     When a woman dreams of someone hosting a guest, it indicates that a happy event is approaching and the dreamer is about to get married;
     To dream of hosting a banquet to remind the dreamer that he will increase his expenses and should be restrained;
     To dream of inviting others to eat is a sign of luck and means that many people can get happiness.
     When you dream about dinner, remember that it is not real and will most likely not happen to you in real life. These explanations and meanings of dreaming about dinner above are for reference only, and while science has taught us a lot about the human brain, we may never know with certainty the meaning behind dreams.
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