Dreams about glaciers

What does it meam to deam about glacier? Dreaming about glacier can have many meanings. Let's interpret the meaning of dreaming about glacier from different dimensions.
Dreams about glaciers
     Dreaming about glaciers, glaciers are unlucky, careful of money or bad work.
     Dreaming of an iceberg indicates that you will encounter very difficult problems, perhaps a powerful opponent, or a great obstacle in your work; and it is far more terrible than you have expected, and the situation may be worse than you know. You must learn to think calmly, as long as you deal with it clearly and carefully, you may bypass it.
     Dreaming that the iceberg is in front, it means that you will encounter unprecedented difficulties and obstacles in the journey of life. Therefore, we must calmly think about the problem and take appropriate measures to solve the difficulties.
     When you dream about glacier, remember that it is not real and will most likely not happen to you in real life. These explanations and meanings of dreaming about glacier above are for reference only, and while science has taught us a lot about the human brain, we may never know with certainty the meaning behind dreams.
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