Dreams about invitation

What does it meam to deam about invite? Dreaming about invite can have many meanings. Let's interpret the meaning of dreaming about invite from different dimensions.
Dreams about invitation
     Dreaming about being invited usually means that the recent communication activities will increase and will bring you more opportunities.
     Dreaming about being orally invited to an event indicates that the dreamer has many friends and good relationships, and social activities will increase;
     Dreaming of the invitation or invitation you received indicates that you will be valued by others and have the opportunity to be promoted and improve your status.
     I dreamed that a head of the population invited you to be a guest at home, or to attend a party at a friend’s house, suggesting that you should pay more attention to your words and deeds in recent social activities to avoid accidents, or to go abroad and embarrass yourself.
     The woman dreamed of being invited to the wedding, indicating that she would receive unexpected gifts in the near future, and would get new jewelry and new clothes.
     The patient dreamed of being invited to the wedding. He must pay attention to his health in the near future, which indicates that he will be in critical condition and even die.
     If you dream of being invited to a banquet, you should pay attention to your health in the near future, which indicates that you will get sick.
     If an ordinary employee dreams of going to the boss's banquet, it indicates that you will attract the attention of the leader, get a promotion, or increase your salary.
     Dreaming about being invited to a concert, or watching a drama, performance, etc., indicates that you will make new friends in the near future and benefit from friendship.
     When you dream about invite, remember that it is not real and will most likely not happen to you in real life. These explanations and meanings of dreaming about invite above are for reference only, and while science has taught us a lot about the human brain, we may never know with certainty the meaning behind dreams.
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