Dreams about mulberry

What does it meam to deam about Mulberry? Dreaming about Mulberry can have many meanings. Let's interpret the meaning of dreaming about Mulberry from different dimensions.
Dreams about mulberry
     Dreaming about eating mulberry, suggesting that you will give birth to your son. If you are a married woman, you are about to become pregnant, or you will have clever, intelligent children in the future, which will make your family prosperous.
     Dreaming of eating mulberry, it means that a child with great achievements in the future can be born.
     When you dream about Mulberry, remember that it is not real and will most likely not happen to you in real life. These explanations and meanings of dreaming about Mulberry above are for reference only, and while science has taught us a lot about the human brain, we may never know with certainty the meaning behind dreams.
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